4 Styles for an Open Shelving Kitchen (That Aren’t Always Farmhouse!)

Kitchen Renovation

Here’s the dilemma: You love the look of an open shelving kitchen, but your home style isn’t the farmhouse chic that caters to open shelving. While the open shelves suit the modern farmhouse style, you don’t have to redo your whole décor scheme to enjoy an open shelving kitchen. This trend has taken over as the new inspiration and must-have for kitchen shelves. Luckily, it translates and enhances multiple design aesthetics, keeping you on-trend and your interior design scheme on point. An open shelving kitchen can match your current personal style, with just the right touches and care.

Industrial Style Open Shelving Kitchen

Industrial open shelving
Image: http://corktownseedco.com/industrial-looking-kitchen-ideas/industrial-looking-kitchen-ideas-15-outstanding-industrial-kitchens-home-design-lover-modern-home/

Industrial style is all about elemental authenticity. The use of exposed brick, wood, and metal ductwork that gives industrial style its unfinished, urban warehouse look lends itself to open shelving, since the aesthetic is the opposite of a traditional, classic kitchen. Kitchen hardware can be as exposed as a brick wall, allowing designers to be creative when installing shelving. Wooden kitchen shelves held with metal pipework are on-trend. The raw look of the metal plays against the warm of the wood, adding texture. Height is a staple in industrial design – the tall urban lofts, open warehouses, and reclaimed factory spaces do not have finished ceilings to hide the pipes and ductwork. When using industrial style as your kitchen inspiration, removing old kitchen cabinets that reach the ceiling can open up the space and offer more height. Even in a contemporary home, this can mimic the high open ceiling of an industrial chic loft. Base cabinet hardware should reflect the metal elements used in the shelving. The Brainerd Steel Cabinet Pull in a matte flat black will pair with the hues of an industrial metal, as will the Liberty Soft Industrial Cabinet Cup Pull in Bedford Brass. Light up your space with an industrial Kichler 1-Light Large Pendant BZ with a utilitarian metal dome shade.

Subway Chic Open Shelving Kitchen

Subway open shelving
Image: https://www.digsdigs.com/subway-tiles-kitchen-ideas/pictures/109116/

Subway open shelving
Image: http://www.lonny.com/photos/Susan+Greenleaf+San+Francisco+Home/M6wGqoXzBdC

A glossy subway tile backsplash brings both a classic and a sophisticated vintage feel to your kitchen. Used for years as a popular backsplash, the trend of open shelving kitchens has opened up new possibilities for the classic favorite. Without overhead cabinetry in the way, homeowners are free to use the whole wall as their canvas. The subtle shine of the tiles is contrasted with the texture and colors of objects kept on the open kitchen shelves. Subway tile can extend beyond backsplash and reach the ceiling in a traditional pattern, a vertical layout, a Chevron design, or a herringbone pattern. Polished wooden shelves or sleek white shelving both look good against a tile background. Match the hardware for base cabinets to the faucet or the kitchen hardware used to hang the cabinets to add cohesion. The Liberty Brand Garrett Cabinet Knob or Liberty Brand Elegant Cabinet Cup Pull offers contrasting shapes to the tile, while the Liberty Brand Global Retro in polished chrome will stand out against both white or dark cabinets. The Contemporary Wall Mount Pot Filler by Delta or the Esque® Single Handle Pull-down Kitchen Faucet with  Touch20® and ShieldSpray® Technologies will tie into the polished aesthetic. Cover any visual outlets with a Franklin Brass Stamped Round Single Outlet Cover, or dual Brainerd Simple Step Switch and Outlet Cover.

Modern Open Shelving Kitchen

Modern open shelving
Image: https://www.decoist.com/2014-11-05/kitchen-open-shelving-ideas/

The bold and linear modern style favors minimalism and cleanliness over clutter, the perfect marriage of style and substance for an open shelving kitchen. No overstuffed cabinets, filled to the brim with plastic plates. For a modern kitchen, dinnerware is chosen with care, and can be arranged neatly in a stack ready to serve at a moment’s notice. There’s room for the plastic plates and Tupperware too – just organized and hidden in the base cabinets or drawers. Floating kitchen shelves arranged evenly and geometrically can hold pops of color in a kitchen with white kitchen cabinets, or stand out against a gray neutral wall color. Using modern kitchen cabinet pulls on the base cabinet hardware can be used to mimic the lines of the shelves, like the stainless steel Liberty Cabinet Bar Pull or the linear Liberty Concave Cabinet Knob. For those who prefer a sleek, clean design with no kitchen knobs to break up the face of the cabinets, a hidden Liberty Modern Edge Cabinet Pull or longer pulls like the Brightened Opulence Cabinet Pull allow you to open the cabinets and drawers with barely visible handles. A Liberty Full Extension Soft-Close Ball Bearing Drawer Slide means drawers close softly, so nothing above on your open shelf is rattled from an accidental slamming drawer. Replace any unsightly builder-grade light switches with a Brainerd Windemere Triple Switch Cover or a Franklin Brass Stamped Round Double Switch Cover.

Boho Chic Open Shelving Kitchen

Bohemian open shelving
Image: https://interiorsonline.com.au/blogs/inspiration/how-to-go-boho

Boho (short for Bohemian) is an eclectic mix of bold color, texture, and cultures. It had a place in the hippie ‘60s and ‘70s, and its modern resurgence maintains the feel while being chic. Charming retro touches, cascading green vines, candles, knick-knacks from around the globe, or a set of culinary books will be as welcome on these open shelves as any dishware. This style isn’t about matching, but nor is it about clutter. Every detailed item has a place without overwhelming or crowding the kitchen shelves. Dinnerware can be a mix of colors and shapes, with colored glassware and ceramic teapots on hand for a cozy afternoon chat. Set the stage for your open shelving kitchen by hanging a unique light fixture, like the woven-basket look of the Kichler Brookglen 4-Light Pendant. Add antique brass kitchen cabinet pulls, like the Liberty Step Edge Cabinet Pull, or summon the look of a crystal ball with a Liberty Mercury Glass Cabinet Knob.

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