Employee Stories

Our people are our most important asset. They make our products shine and fuel our success. We're proud to share their inspirational stories.

Ashley S.

Ashley S. is a natural born marketer with a love for branding, innovation, and all around great strategic marketing. She started her journey by earning a BS in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing and Finance and then went on to gain her Masters in Business Administration from North Carolina Central University. She joined the Liberty team in 2018 as a Marketing Services Supervisor and 3 years later joined the eCommerce team as a Digital Marketing Manager. She says she enjoys her work at Liberty because we prioritize key values including a 'Fun and Engaging Workplace'. "I have several memories of attending Liberty sponsored employee events, but my favorite is volunteering for Forsyth County Habitat for Humanity. As a department, we pulled together and were able to do several days of work in one with an all-hands-on approach."

Darian J.

Expecting change, learning, and adapting are Darian J.'s keys to success in his 26 years at Liberty. His long and decorated career with us has seen him through 29 years of marriage, 3 children, and 1 grandchild—not to mention colleagues he now considers part of the family.

Darian started off as a Receiving Material Handler/Airfreight Clerk before being promoted five times, sticking with Liberty through expansions and building changes, to his current position as Waving Coordinator. He also chose to take advantage of our tuition reimbursement program to earn his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. "It made for some really long days, but through it all, I maintained a 3.8 GPA and graduated magna cum laude."

Darian's boundless energy and work ethic don't stop there. He's an avid baker, often delighting his colleagues with goodies, and he even started his own travel business!

Anjie B.

"Liberty has offered many opportunities to grow my skills within the role as well as leadership growth education."

Anjie B. has found that working at Liberty continuously develops her expertise in the customs niche. She appreciates the exposure to new products and the constant evolution of customs laws and regulations, which contribute to her growth and adaptability in her role. In her 14 years with us, Anjie B has worked in the areas of Global Sourcing, Logistics, Customs Compliance Analyst, and Customs Compliance/Inventory Supervisor.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance has always been a priority of hers, and she applauds Liberty's ongoing commitment to this concept. This includes volunteer opportunities with her colleagues, like The Special Olympics. "It was so fulfilling to witness the athletes and co-workers enjoying everything!"

Robert M.

Robert began his career at Liberty in 2001 as an equipment operator. Since then, he's had the opportunity to work as a storage lead and subsequently shift into the role of training equipment operators. This led to his current position as a safety coordinator, which he finds very fulfilling. Robert has obtained certifications in several areas, including First aid, CPR, AED, and Equipment Trainer. His dedication and interest in the health and well-being of others have made this role particularly rewarding. Robert appreciates the opportunity to work with an organization that places a high priority on progress and a staff that values both professional and personal development.

"I tell my wife of 22 years all the time how much I've really enjoyed it all," Robert says of his time at Liberty.

Robert is the proud father of 4 kids, grandfather of 10, and great grandfather 12!


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