Purposeful innovation. Exacting composition. Meticulous detail. From start to every finish, our design team fashions each piece with you in mind.


At Liberty Hardware, it all starts with people. Every member of our design team stays on-trend with design and innovation without losing sight of our goal: to make your home look and feel its absolute best.

Alice, Design Director
"I've always approached product design in a holistic way. To me, our customers' journey with our products should be one that delights them."
Jeff, Principal Designer
"There is nothing more exciting than a blank sheet of paper. Being able to craft designs and bring them from a sketch, to someone's home, is very rewarding."
Amber, Senior Design Manager
“By interpreting and blending styles, we create unique and lasting designs that allow our collections to evolve homes.”
Maggie, Senior Designer
“I believe the environment we choose to spend our waking hours in is vital to our well-being. And we design with that very idea in mind.”


There’s purpose to every piece we create. And the process we undertake is to delight the customer at every turn.

We go into the home to better understand how people use our products, to gain insights into how people live and how they engage with their homes.
We add context around the ways people engage with their homes, and identify shifts around style and decor.
This is where the magic happens. Our team collaborates on how to take an idea from sketch to prototype.
Our prototypes go through refinement. And more refinement. And still more. Until we have a product we’re happy with. But more importantly, one that you’ll love.
We work collaboratively with engineering and manufacturing to develop final samples to present retailers, and carefully think through instructions and schematics. Once everything is approved (and meets our satisfaction), it’s product launch time!


We design for humans. People influence our products every step of the creative process, and we keep them in mind every step of the way, from the product itself, to the purchasing journey.

Our designers are trend experts, without being too trendy. Every piece we make is designed to be a wonderful experience for you and your home.


At Liberty Hardware, innovation isn’t a word to be taken lightly. We look to the world to create elegant solutions for you, and we continue to elevate the experience of each piece we produce. We solve problems for the home with style and substance. And we look at existing products to see where there’s room for improvement.

Adjusta-Pull™: a decorative cabinet pull collection that allows you to easily transition from standard-size pulls to a longer length, or to fit unique-size cabinet pulls without having to drill new holes.

Shower Door Customization: Pick your style of glass. Your handle. Your frame. And just like that, you have a shower door that best suits your design needs. And while customization may seem on par for the world we live in, it isn’t when it comes to your shower–and we take pride in giving you options.


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