10 Bathroom Tile Ideas for the Neutral Lover and for the Color Fanatic

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Which do you prefer: A taupe bathroom retreat, or a bright green spa-like shower? Everyone has their own taste when it comes to bathroom re-dos. Natural tones can offer a blank canvas for your own mark, with modern sophistication and subtle design, while sparkling bold hues create a personality for the room that’s all your own. No matter your preference, we’ve got the bathroom design ideas for every color palette.

Bathroom Tile Ideas for the Neutral Lover:

Shower and bathtub with large beige tiles and contrasting mosaic tile border.
Image: https://eyagci.com/book-of-neutral-bathroom-tiles-ideas-in-us-by-michael.html

Go Big

Big neutral tiles make a statement. (And less grout? Easier to clean.) Add contrast with smaller tiles as a design feature or in a nook for your shampoo and soaps. Big tiles need a simple faucet design, so go for modern Alux® two handle widespread bathroom faucet by Delta when matching bathroom hardware. The geometric lines of a modern faucet play with the lines of the tiles. A clean Franklin Brass® maxted towel ring in polished chrome coordinates with the color scheme.

Neutral floor-to-ceiling mosaic tiles covering bathroom walls and bathtub.
Image: https://eyagci.com/book-of-neutral-bathroom-tiles-ideas-in-us-by-michael.html

Tiny Details

Modern not your thing? Mosaic tiles are a classic – the use of mosaics dates back to early Mesopotamia, and was popular in ancient Greece and Rome. Thankfully, we don’t have to apply every individual tile by hand like our Bronze Age ancestors did. Most mosaic tiles come by the foot, so you can go as tiny as you want and still cover the room. A glass tile with a translucent shine that bounces off the light adds a dynamic element but still keeps the bathroom a soft neutral. Pair with a solid color for your bathroom vanities, and add a glass shelf that does not distract from the focal points of the room. A curved faucet like the Lahara® two handle widespread bathroom faucet by Delta plays against the square of the tile and adds a touch of Mediterranean drama.

Glass shower with textured stone walls.
Image: https://www.dreamascream.com/eE0b-17124/exciting-textured-alps-17144/

Textured Stone

Rocks aren’t just for home exteriors. A textured stone tile adds depth and dimension, and can be a striking focal point in the space. It does the same thing that color does – catches the eye – without overwhelming the senses. It also contrasts well with curved lines, so the PivotalTM TempAssure® 17T Series H20kinetic® shower trim in chrome or matte black is suited to play up the space. Think luxurious mountain spa retreat with the curve of bathroom hardware evoking the curved mountains in the distance while the stone mimics the natural spa around you. Peaceful, but still compelling.

Close-up of shower wall with long neutral tiles in a herringbone pattern.
Image: https://www.pinterest.com/ghba1/custom-bathrooms-and-kitchens/

Slim and Trim

Long, thin tiles in a brick, linear, or herringbone style can make a room look taller or wider. The horizontal placement of long, thin tiles in a line tricks the eye into thinking the room is wider than it actually is, a great option for tight spaces or small showers. In a herringbone pattern, thin tiles can give a small space dimension and visual interest. Placed behind the bathroom vanities and mirrors, it gives the room a modern feel. Thin tiles can range from white to dark beige, so if you want to add a pop of color, use the towels as part of your design. The Franklin Brass Voisin towel ring in Venetian bronze would match a tan or beige bathroom, and a satin nickel finish would complement a gauzier white.

Collage of gray hexagon bathroom tiles in sizes small, medium, and large.
Image: http://hcaphilly.com/hexagon-bathroom-tile/hexagon-bathroom-tile-attractive-ideas-grey-tiles-contemporist-regarding-0/

Gray Is the New Neutral

No matter the tile size and shape, the newest color for neutrals is the gray family. From a soft dove gray that is a small step away from white to dark grays that give intimacy to a large bathroom, gray is here to stay. Hexagon gray tiles come in various sizes to add a graphic ambiance. Smaller gray tiles add texture to a modern space. Bathrooms without much light may not be suited for darker grays, since they can make the room look small and feel cramped. Rooms with skylights, glass block windows, or multiple windows will find gray to be a true neutral in the daylight. A polished chrome Astra towel bar by Franklin Brass and a clean white vanity top can finish off the space.

Bathroom Tile Ideas for the Color Fanatic:

White clawfoot bathtub surrounded by blue subway tiles.
Image: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/518195500864569972

Subway Blues

The favored subway tile gets a new hue – blue! For a peaceful bathroom retreat that also satisfies the color fan, a glossy, bright blue subway tile mimics the feel of a Caribbean ocean without being kitschy. A traditional Valdosta two handle centerset bathroom faucet by Delta or contemporary PivotalTM two handle widespread bathroom faucet will stand out against the tiles and match its gloss. Rich, warm wood accessories or dark baskets for holding white towels can round out the space. Play with accessories that usually do not fit a bathroom, like the cocoa and iron scroll hook rack, or deep maple tray found in a kitchen.

Long, thin green tiles in a vertical pattern around a white bathtub and vanity.
Image: https://www.dreamascream.com/yN3i-19446/bathroom-lime-green-19458/

Go Green

No subtle vintage mint or pale green here. If you want to feel like you’re bathing in a tropical rainforest, a bright, bursting lime green in a high-gloss finish is for you. A vertically placed tile in the boldest green available gives the impression of height and length. Take the tile to the ceiling for optimal height. A softer lime green may look slightly yellow in certain light (not an ideal appearance around the toilet), so consider doing just the shower or tub area. Deep greens may lean a bit too retro, so be sure to use modern and minimalist bathroom hardware and accessories. A clean white vanity, modern PivotalTM single handle mid-height vessel bathroom faucet and a sleek Voisin towel bar and Voisin single arm toilet paper holder by Franklin Brass will keep the space in the rainforest, and out of the 1970s.

Blue, green, and white Moroccan tiles in a shower.
Image: http://georgianadesign.tumblr.com/post/144195048995/victorian-terrace-house-sw-london-drummonds

Moroccan Moves

Moroccan tiles are known for their geometric patterns, dazzling colors, and unique designs. These tiles have been called the hottest trend of 2018, opening up the market for new designers and layouts. The rich colors range from earthy reds to bursts of turquoise, making it easy for you to find the color scheme right for you. With such bold tiles, go with crisp white linens hung on a curved Amesbury robe hook in a dark bronze. Stick with dark bronze or oil rubbed bathroom hardware, and check out the Delta Porter Collection. For the walls, pick a neutral or one color in the tile as the color scheme, and stick to it. Too much color will take away from the beauty of the tiles and make the room feel crowded.

Bright red tiles used in a bathroom design.
Image: http://atcfkid.org/red-bathroom-tiles/bathroom-ideas-red-and-black-bold-wall-throughout-tiles-designs-7/

Disco Inferno

Red is the color of passion and romance – two moods not normally associated with the powder room. For those who want a red bathroom, go with a high shine. Too dull a red could have your bathroom looking like the inside of a fire station, and too deep will darken the room considerably. Focus on an accent wall, and choose a mosaic tile or high-gloss traditional tile in the boldest color on the rainbow. If you’re going big, keep it going with a curved or large Ara Two Handle Wall Mount Faucet. Glass shelving on top of the tile will add to the reflective kaleidoscope and not block or shadow the design. Tread carefully with the white accents – too much red and white will scream Valentine’s, no matter the season. Cream or beige linen, silver or dark bronze bathroom hardware, and a playful smile when showing off your space round out this room.

Purple tiles used to decorate bathroom.
Image: http://www.tileideaz.com/purple-bathroom-wall-tiles.html

Purple Reigns

The color of royalty, a purple tile pops in lilac or deep plum and everything in between. This color can actually lean more neutral if you aim for a grayer lilac or light purple, allowing you to accentuate the space with deeper shades of purple linens, paint color, or floor mats. Silver and purple or gold and purple work well together (again, think royalty in jeweled crowns), so a chrome Everly® Delta faucet can give the room the princess touch. An Amesbury towel ring will let more of the tile power through. Remember that the darker the color, the smaller the room will appear. For cozy spaces, choose a lighter purple or pick an accent wall for your purple paradise design.

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