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KBIS 2019 Inspire. Design. Innovate. KBIS 2019

Liberty Hardware is excited to showcase new collections, styles, and finishes at KBIS in Las Vegas from February 19-21 in booth N1963. Come speak with designers and team members about style, design inspiration, new products, finish capabilities and more. This year, many categories will be featured including bath hardware, cabinet knobs and pulls, wall plates, shower doors and more. Fill with design elements inspired by elegant, bold and timeless details, new collections such as Parow and Raeford trend-forward and consumer friendly. 

Here's a sneak peek at some of the beautiful collections that will be at KBIS.


A collection filled with soft modern beauty, it's stylish curves and congruent lines allow for a comfortable style that is suitable for any consumer. Featuring an entire suite of products, this collection is available in multiple finishes and includes grab bars, train racks, and three toilet paper styles. 

KBIS Voisin Mood Board



As a new collection, Parow takes inspiration from a refined classic style with crisp, clean lines to create a statuesque and poised appearance in the bathroom or kitchen. Among its finish variations is Flat Black, the 2019 Finish of the Year and a trend-forward focus of the show. 

KBIS Parow Flat Black Mood Board



After introducing the Napier Bath Collection at KBIS 2018, coordinating cabinet hardware was designed with a sprinkle of graceful and bold elements. With dynamic twist details and a geometric profile, this collection brings sophisticated design to any space. 

Napier Cabinet Hardware



Join Liberty Hardware at KBIS February 19-21 in booth N1963.

Bedroom Colors That Can Affect Your Mood Bedroom Colors That Can Affect Your Mood

Colors affect our moods, whether we realize it or not. Blue has been found to make you sleepy. Yellow makes you happy. But what color makes you motivated to get out of bed? Or puts you in the mood for romance? Home décor inspiration often covers the shades of bedroom colors, but not how they can make us feel. Here’s a look at the ways to improve your home – and your moods – through your bedroom colors.

Blue Bedroom Colors: The Peaceful Sleep

Bedroom with soft blue walls painted with Behr Casual Day paint surrounding a modern bed.
Behr Casual Day Image:

Painting your bedroom in a shade of blue will keep you from the blues. These hues signify calm, relaxation, peacefulness. If you’re looking for the bedroom colors that are best for a good night’s sleep, choose a soft sky blue like Behr’s Casual Day or a Behr Wide Sky, a light blue with a gray undertone. These colors are for those who want to create a room that is made for soft pillows and sweet dreams. White accents for window frames, crown molding, wall borders, and outlet and switch colors will give a hint of white clouds passing through a blue sky. Add a Liberty Brand Stamped Round Triple Switch Cover in white over your light switches, and a matching Liberty Brand Stamped Round Single Outlet Cover for your electrical sockets. For those who prefer a bolder blue, softer lighting can tone down bold shades when it comes time to hit the hay. The Kichler Aldergate 3-Light Pendant catches the eye and diffuses through its geometric pattern, creating a soft glow. The Behr Soul Search is a Caribbean turquoise that will have you dreaming of sandy shores, and the Behr Constellation Blue is a deep blue with purple hints that will have you counting stars. No matter which blue you choose, this is the color that will have you sleeping peacefully.

Green Bedroom Colors: The Personal Retreat

Bedroom with soft green walls, created with Behr Azalea Lead paint.
Behr Azalea Leaf Image:

One of the more cost-efficient ways to improve your home (and your mood) is to pick up the paintbrush. Green shades are best for a personal space that can be used for meditation, sleeping, or reading. It’s very reminiscent of sitting in a deep green forest and taking a deep breath. These colors are for a room that shuts away the worries of the world. Appropriately, the Behr 2018 Color of the Year is a green called In the Moment. It’s a spruce blue-green mix that’s tranquil enough for meditation and sleeping. Behr's Fresh Tone is a light fern green that goes well with both metallic and wood tones. When painting your space, consider replacing the outlet and light switch covers. These are usually builder-grade and may not match your new redo. Replace light switches with a Brainerd Architectural Single Switch in metallic satin nickel finish or a Brainerd Ruston Single Outlet Cover in Venetian Bronze to go with your new color. For a more masculine tone of green, try Behr Secret Meadow. It has a green tone that evokes pine trees on a fall day. The Behr's Azalea Leaf is a lighter green with a touch of gray for those looking for more of a neutral green.

Gray Bedroom Colors: The Motivated Morning

Bedroom wall behind bed painted with light gray Behr Quiet Time paint.
Behr Quiet Time Image:

Gray isn’t the first color that springs to mind when looking for home decor inspiration, but this hue has rapidly become a new neutral that adds both class and sophistication to any room. Gray colors are close enough to blue to evoke a good night’s rest, but this isn’t the color choice for someone who wants to stay in bed. This is the color for those who sleep lightly, get up early, and go out to face the day. Maybe it’s because gray is the ultimate in-between color – not quite black or white – that causes it to be a good color for transitioning into sleep at night or out of bed in the morning. The Behr Quiet Time is a light gray that complements bold accent colors and decorative furniture. With large furniture, make sure Liberty Brand decorative cabinet pulls and knobs are in proportion to the size of the piece. Furniture will stand out more against a neutral wall color. Update your Liberty Brand furniture hardware with wheels for easy movement. New paint has a way of making us want to rearrange our old furniture as well. Pick up a Franklin Brass Stamped Round Single Outlet Cover in satin nickel – the metallic tone will reflect the gray walls – and replace your outlet covers as you rearrange furniture. Behr Grape Cream is a light gray that would suit a smaller bedroom, and Behr Graylac has a purple tone that is more feminine. The Behr French Silver leans more silver-blue than gray, so this would be good for someone wanting a very subtle change when updating their bedroom colors.

Neutral Bedroom Colors: The Room of Romance

Bedroom with dark neutral walls, created with Behr Off the Grid paint.
Behr Off the Grid Image:

You read that right. Surprisingly, it’s not red that inspires romance, but a neutral color. Neutral colors allow us to focus not on the room, but the things in it. By design, neutral colors fade into the background. This allows us to focus on the art on the walls, the fabrics on the bed, what’s in the room rather than on the walls. Being with your significant other in a neutral room will allow you both to feel unburdened in the safety of the space, because you are concentrating on each other. A 2016 Marie Claire UK article states that caramel is actually the best color for romance, so bring on the warm beige tones! True neutral bedroom colors are subtle, like the Behr Milk Paint, a creamy white with a warm undertone. Try a Behr Off the Grid if you want to be a bit bolder and go with a darker neutral. Be careful not to go so dark that you’re no longer in neutral territory. Match tones with a neutral Franklin Brass Classic Architecture Triple Switch Cover installed over your light switches, or update lighting to a dimmer switch and cover with a Brainerd Windemere Single Switch/Rocker Cover. The Behr Soft Focus offers a gentle light tan balance between white and brown, and the Behr Celery Powder has a soft tan-green undertone that keeps it light and bright. Your room may be neutral, but it won’t be boring.

White Bedroom Colors: The Sanctuary

White paint used on bedroom walls with white geometric art and bedding.

Crisp and clean, but cozy. A white bedroom is well-suited for a modern or minimalist aesthetic. This is a room for clear minds, quiet contemplation, and very little clutter to get in the way of it being a safe haven. Coming home to a clean space each night reduces stress, and allows you to leave the worries of the day behind. No to-do lists, emails, or meetings. Keep this space organized so that the stressors of the day do not follow you to bed. Install a hanging hook like the Brainerd Graceful Hook to stow your purse or computer bag away from your bed so you won’t be tempted to bring work in with you. Update wall outlet covers to match your new paint job – current outlet covers may look dingy in comparison to the fresh white paint. Try a Liberty Brand Wood Architectural Single Outlet Cover or a Liberty Brand Stamped Round Double Outlet Cover in white. Like neutrals, there are different kinds of white. For an icy white, paint your room with Behr Frost. Undertones can add shades in certain lighting, like the Behr New House White, which has a tan undertone that can give the appearance of cream. The Behr Frothy Surf has a subtle blue-green undertone, and Behr Lilac Mist has a purple undertone that turns the white lavender. Be sure to keep the color undertones in mind when you’re choosing your sanctuary shade.

Accent Bedroom Colors: The Color Splash

Bedroom with bright yellow-orange accent wall created with Behr Life Is Good paint.
Behr Life Is Good Image:

There are some colors that are too bold or too busy for the whole room. Think of it as too much of a good thing. The colors red and orange are stimulants and could inadvertently trigger your brain into alertness instead of sleep. Shades like purple can be too dark, causing a small room to feel even smaller, and may cause feelings of claustrophobia or depression. Yellow is a color that is actually associated with getting a good night’s sleep, but even the happiest bright yellow can be overwhelming on all four walls. For yellow accents, try the upbeat almost-orange Behr Life Is Good or the honey-toned Behr Kombucha. These colors are best as accent paint in your space. If there are light switches on the wall you want to paint, the Liberty Brand Huntsfield Triple Switch Cover is made from unfinished wood for you to stain or paint to match your décor. Pair with a corresponding Liberty Brand Huntsfield Single Outlet Cover while you have your paintbrushes out. Accent colors can be used for the foyer to the master bedroom (to signify a separation of space), a painted headboard, or on one accent wall. Your foyer could be a playful Behr Spirit Warrior red, while your master walls are a soft neutral. Purple tones would suit as an accent wall for rooms that are painted gray. A Behr Strong Iris will appear as a purple-blue on a wall, and can be the accent wall behind the bed. With three gray walls to tone down the purple, this can be a striking feature for the bedroom. (Behr Ancestry Violet or Vintage Ribbon would also work for this.) Remember that yellow colors bring happiness, purple signifies luxury, and reds are considered lucky and intimate. These bedroom colors may not bring a restful night’s sleep on a subconscious level, but they do bring joy.

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When you’re ready to complement your new walls with on-trend, coordinated hardware to give the room that finishing touch, shop Liberty Hardware. We believe you shouldn’t have to break the bank to make your house beautiful or valuable, so we provide the little things that make a big difference. Browse our selection today to find the products you need to create a look you enjoy now and value you’ll enjoy later.

Kitchen home refresh Beautiful Home Refresh: 5 Spaces to Update to Make…

When guests come over, you want to make a great first impression and show off the best of your beautiful house. But there are some areas that tend to get neglected when preparing for company. One of the easiest ways to make your home beautiful is to pay attention to the overlooked areas that don’t usually get any love. A little TLC goes a long way. We’ve got the interior and exterior design ideas for a beautiful house that can be done over a weekend.

Exterior Design

Exterior design

Light the Way: Outdoor Lighting

No one wants to stumble in the dark. An embarrassing spill on the front pathway to your front door does not make a great first impression when welcoming guests to your beautiful house. Outdoor lighting makes all the difference. Overhead and side lighting are both essential to light up your front door and doorbell. Replace your old porch light with an overhead Kichler Manningham 2-Light Outdoor Ceiling Light above the entry way. To make sure no one trips in the dark, line the walkway leading to your door with Kichler LED Path Lights. Outdoor step lighting can illuminate your front steps; a Kichler LED Linear Step Deck can light the way for your friends.

Front Door ideas: Paint Front Door for a Warm Welcome

For front door ideas that make a great first impression, the warmest welcome can come from a simple paint update. Warm colors signify a cozy home and cool colors can contrast a brick exterior to make the front door stand out. Many homes have multiple points of entry. Make sure your front door – the one guests will enter – stands out. Try a warm Behr Premium Plus Paint & Primer In One in a creamy Baja or cool Behr Shipyard (blue with gray undertone). A warm Behr Red My Mind is also welcoming. Unless your HOA says otherwise, don’t be afraid to make your front door pop with an unexpected color that shows off your personality. A Behr Dancing Mist (blueish-purple) or the Behr Dazzle and Delight (a peachy-pink) will have the neighbors green with envy.

Stay Grounded: Secure Décor & Furniture

Your seasonal wreath looks amazing on your newly painted front door, but make sure it stays that way. Décor faux pas include patio chairs being blown over into the neighbor’s front lawn, wreathes in a heap on the front porch, and seasonal decorations falling into the bushes. Secure your yard décor with a Vortex Spiral Folding Ring Anchor, and keep wreathes secure with an over-the-door wreath hanger or a magnetic wreath hanger.

The Mudroom and Foyer Ideas

Mudroom and foyer

A Simple Entryway Idea: Overhead Lighting

Great foyer ideas often come as an afterthought. The foyer or the mud room is the first thing guests see when they walk into your beautiful house. Make sure your entryway isn’t an oversight. Depending on the size of your foyer, lighting can be an issue. Front doors with windows let light in during the day, but can be too dark with the wrong overhead lighting when the sun goes down. Builder-grade overhead lighting usually consists of one bulb. One entryway idea: Update your foyer fixture for extra light. A Lacey 3-Light Semi Flush Ceiling Light is fancy enough to impress, and offers triple the glow for your transitional space. The industrial Brinley 3-Light Flush provides a vintage look that can suit either a foyer or mudroom.

Large foyers with chandeliers can cast great light, but the closet where guests keep their coats and umbrellas may be just a dim overhead bulb, or nothing at all. Adding a side lamp near the closet can cast a softer glow, or a hidden row of Kichler Pure White LED Tape. For additional steps into the home from the foyer or mudroom, consider installing a Kichler LED Step Light for safety.

Hang Tight: Hook Racks

Purses, umbrellas, backpacks, and shoulder bags also need a place to call home. Whether you’re entertaining guests or simply organizing for the week ahead, knowing that there is a place for everything (and everything in its place) means that you’re one step ahead of clutter. 
Add character with a decorative teal Liberty 16-inch Wire Hook Rack, or go for an elegant pure white and satin nickel Liberty Wardrobe 22-inch Hook Rack. A space-saving over-the-door hook rack can help keep a small entryway from feeling cramped. A Franklin Brass Dolan Coat and Hat 18-inch hook rack with six coat and hat hooks is wide enough to hold multiple family hats, scarves, and coats so none get lost in the morning shuffle.

Size It Up: Appropriately Sized Décor

This is an entryway idea that works with what you already have. Move, replace, or trade items that do not fit the size of your entryway. Whether your entryway is a grand two-story open space or a cozy nook, proportion matters. An oversized side table in a cozy foyer can crowd the space. Update with a demi lune table – a thin, half-circle table that tucks against the wall. Mirrors, artwork, and wall hooks for both a large and small space have to be appropriately sized. Small mirrors are dwarfed in an open foyer, and a cozy entryway isn’t the spot for large artwork. When purchasing new art and mirrors, bring your tape measure for accuracy.

Half-Bathroom Ideas


Make Use of the Space: Storage Solutions

The half bathroom ideas that really make a difference are all about the storage. Most half-baths do not have the built-in storage room of the full masters or family bathrooms. There isn’t room to store extra soap, hand towels, or toilet paper. This can make it difficult for guests if they need something that runs out. Tuck a discreet Franklin Brass Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder with Roll Reserve by the toilet to avoid embarrassed guests. Extra hand towels can be hung with a Franklin Brass over-the-door triple towel rack on the door.

Replace Old Mirrors

Replace the mirror in your half-bath with a Delta Custom Reflections mirror. Make use of the space by going vertical. Since most powder rooms are cozy, a taller mirror over the sink will accentuate the height of the room instead of call attention to the lack of width.

Hang Up: Towel Bars and Towel Rings

To give your guests more elbow room, consider towel rings. (This may also free up wall space for a shelf – another step in taking care of storage.) Try the Franklin Brass Jamestown Towel Ring in polished chrome. Match it with a Franklin Brass Jamestown Double Towel Bar or two in polished chrome, and be sure to place an extra bottle of hand soap for your guests.



Cabinet Space: Spruce Up with New Cabinet Hardware

Change the whole look of your kitchen in one afternoon. A complete kitchen redo takes time and money, but a cabinet refresh with new cabinet hardware only takes a few hand tools and your favorite album to listen to while making the hardware switch. Changing house hardware is one of the fastest ways to make your home beautiful in the shortest amount of time. A traditional Liberty Brand Emberlee Cabinet Pull can add elegance, while a Liberty Brand Devereux Cabinet Pull gives the space a modern touch. For a more classic look, go with the Liberty Brand Elegant Luxe Cabinet Pull.

Add Shine: Replace Faucets

In the list of ideas for a beautiful house, dated and dull kitchen faucets usually do not make the cut. This is a subtle change that can make a huge impact. By coordinating the kitchen faucet with your new cabinet hardware, it gives the illusion that the whole space has been redone. Replacing a faucet is simple enough to do in an afternoon, and cost-conscious enough to make it worth your while. Guests who offer a hand in the kitchen will see shine instead of grime. Try a Delta single handle pulldown faucet with ShieldSpray® Technology or an Addison Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O® Technology and Soap Dispenser by Delta in a coordinating tone.

Blemish Fixer: Paint Touchups

Your beautiful house may have a few bumps and scratches on the walls from pets, kids, moving furniture, or a wayward vacuum cleaner. When you want to impress guests, make sure those little dents aren’t a problem. Pick up a small pint that matches your current kitchen paint color and break out the brushes. Cover the blemishes that cannot be scrubbed away. For a real redo, choose a new color to paint the kitchen. The 2018 Color of the Year by Behr paint is a tranquil spruce blue that combines blue, gray, and green called In the Moment. Played against white kitchen cabinets and new cabinet hardware, the color is cool but modern.



Wall Plate Bling: Replace Builder-Grade Outlet Covers and Switch Covers

As the ultimate transitional space, your hallway should reflect the rest of your beautiful house. Get rid of builder-grade outlet and switch covers that may not match your paint or décor. There are several styles to choose from, and many that can contrast or blend in with your design. To make the area a little more luxurious, the Brainerd Beaded Single Outlet Cover adds a touch of glamour, while the Brainerd Ruston Single Outlet Cover gives the hallway a more traditional feel. For combo outlets and light switches, the Franklin Brass Classic Architecture Single Switch/Outlet Cover accommodates both. The Brainerd Architectural Single Rocker Cover fits a single light switch or dimmer switch. For double outlets, go with the Franklin Brass Stately Double Outlet Cover.

Tread Softly: Deep Clean or Replace Rug

Treat your hallway as more than a pass-thru to the other areas of your home. It’s a space where guests can admire family photos and framed art. Make sure it’s up to the task. Deep clean hallway carpets to get rid of debris and stains that contrast the cleanliness of your walls. Carpet shampooers are available for rent at many chain box stores and come with instructions on how to best beat the dirt. Worn out transitional rugs placed over hardwood floors can be affordably replaced if needed.

Compare and Contrast: New Paint Color

A unique way to spice up the hall is to use two different colors of paint. Like wainscoting, using two paint colors divides the space and adds dimension. Paint the top half white, and the bottom a warm accent color, like the warm mocha Behr Road Less-Traveled. For cool tones, try a blue like Behr Casual Day. Match picture frames to the bottom half of the wall. If this is too much of a change, match your hallway color scheme to the rooms on either side. This ties the transitional area to the main living spaces of your beautiful house.

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At Liberty Hardware, we believe you shouldn’t have to break the bank to make your house beautiful or valuable, so we provide the little things that make a big difference. Browse our selection today to find the products you need to create a look you enjoy now and value you’ll enjoy later.

Open shelving 4 Styles for an Open Shelving Kitchen (That Aren’t…

Here’s the dilemma: You love the look of an open shelving kitchen, but your home style isn’t the farmhouse chic that caters to open shelving. While the open shelves suit the modern farmhouse style, you don’t have to redo your whole décor scheme to enjoy an open shelving kitchen. This trend has taken over as the new inspiration and must-have for kitchen shelves. Luckily, it translates and enhances multiple design aesthetics, keeping you on-trend and your interior design scheme on point. An open shelving kitchen can match your current personal style, with just the right touches and care.

Industrial Style Open Shelving Kitchen

Industrial open shelving

Industrial style is all about elemental authenticity. The use of exposed brick, wood, and metal ductwork that gives industrial style its unfinished, urban warehouse look lends itself to open shelving, since the aesthetic is the opposite of a traditional, classic kitchen. Kitchen hardware can be as exposed as a brick wall, allowing designers to be creative when installing shelving. Wooden kitchen shelves held with metal pipework are on-trend. The raw look of the metal plays against the warm of the wood, adding texture. Height is a staple in industrial design – the tall urban lofts, open warehouses, and reclaimed factory spaces do not have finished ceilings to hide the pipes and ductwork. When using industrial style as your kitchen inspiration, removing old kitchen cabinets that reach the ceiling can open up the space and offer more height. Even in a contemporary home, this can mimic the high open ceiling of an industrial chic loft. Base cabinet hardware should reflect the metal elements used in the shelving. The Brainerd Steel Cabinet Pull in a matte flat black will pair with the hues of an industrial metal, as will the Liberty Soft Industrial Cabinet Cup Pull in Bedford Brass. Light up your space with an industrial Kichler 1-Light Large Pendant BZ with a utilitarian metal dome shade.

Subway Chic Open Shelving Kitchen

Subway open shelving

Subway open shelving

A glossy subway tile backsplash brings both a classic and a sophisticated vintage feel to your kitchen. Used for years as a popular backsplash, the trend of open shelving kitchens has opened up new possibilities for the classic favorite. Without overhead cabinetry in the way, homeowners are free to use the whole wall as their canvas. The subtle shine of the tiles is contrasted with the texture and colors of objects kept on the open kitchen shelves. Subway tile can extend beyond backsplash and reach the ceiling in a traditional pattern, a vertical layout, a Chevron design, or a herringbone pattern. Polished wooden shelves or sleek white shelving both look good against a tile background. Match the hardware for base cabinets to the faucet or the kitchen hardware used to hang the cabinets to add cohesion. The Liberty Brand Garrett Cabinet Knob or Liberty Brand Elegant Cabinet Cup Pull offers contrasting shapes to the tile, while the Liberty Brand Global Retro in polished chrome will stand out against both white or dark cabinets. The Contemporary Wall Mount Pot Filler by Delta or the Esque® Single Handle Pull-down Kitchen Faucet with  Touch20® and ShieldSpray® Technologies will tie into the polished aesthetic. Cover any visual outlets with a Franklin Brass Stamped Round Single Outlet Cover, or dual Brainerd Simple Step Switch and Outlet Cover.

Modern Open Shelving Kitchen

Modern open shelving

The bold and linear modern style favors minimalism and cleanliness over clutter, the perfect marriage of style and substance for an open shelving kitchen. No overstuffed cabinets, filled to the brim with plastic plates. For a modern kitchen, dinnerware is chosen with care, and can be arranged neatly in a stack ready to serve at a moment’s notice. There’s room for the plastic plates and Tupperware too – just organized and hidden in the base cabinets or drawers. Floating kitchen shelves arranged evenly and geometrically can hold pops of color in a kitchen with white kitchen cabinets, or stand out against a gray neutral wall color. Using modern kitchen cabinet pulls on the base cabinet hardware can be used to mimic the lines of the shelves, like the stainless steel Liberty Cabinet Bar Pull or the linear Liberty Concave Cabinet Knob. For those who prefer a sleek, clean design with no kitchen knobs to break up the face of the cabinets, a hidden Liberty Modern Edge Cabinet Pull or longer pulls like the Brightened Opulence Cabinet Pull allow you to open the cabinets and drawers with barely visible handles. A Liberty Full Extension Soft-Close Ball Bearing Drawer Slide means drawers close softly, so nothing above on your open shelf is rattled from an accidental slamming drawer. Replace any unsightly builder-grade light switches with a Brainerd Windemere Triple Switch Cover or a Franklin Brass Stamped Round Double Switch Cover.

Boho Chic Open Shelving Kitchen

Bohemian open shelving

Boho (short for Bohemian) is an eclectic mix of bold color, texture, and cultures. It had a place in the hippie ‘60s and ‘70s, and its modern resurgence maintains the feel while being chic. Charming retro touches, cascading green vines, candles, knick-knacks from around the globe, or a set of culinary books will be as welcome on these open shelves as any dishware. This style isn’t about matching, but nor is it about clutter. Every detailed item has a place without overwhelming or crowding the kitchen shelves. Dinnerware can be a mix of colors and shapes, with colored glassware and ceramic teapots on hand for a cozy afternoon chat. Set the stage for your open shelving kitchen by hanging a unique light fixture, like the woven-basket look of the Kichler Brookglen 4-Light Pendant. Add antique brass kitchen cabinet pulls, like the Liberty Step Edge Cabinet Pull, or summon the look of a crystal ball with a Liberty Mercury Glass Cabinet Knob.

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At Liberty Hardware, we believe you shouldn’t have to break the bank to make your house beautiful or valuable, so we provide the little things that make a big difference. Browse our collection to find the products you need to create a look you enjoy now and value you’ll enjoy later.

Bathroom tile ideas 10 Bathroom Tile Ideas for the Neutral Lover and f…

Which do you prefer: A taupe bathroom retreat, or a bright green spa-like shower? Everyone has their own taste when it comes to bathroom re-dos. Natural tones can offer a blank canvas for your own mark, with modern sophistication and subtle design, while sparkling bold hues create a personality for the room that’s all your own. No matter your preference, we’ve got the bathroom design ideas for every color palette.

Bathroom Tile Ideas for the Neutral Lover:

Shower and bathtub with large beige tiles and contrasting mosaic tile border.

Go Big

Big neutral tiles make a statement. (And less grout? Easier to clean.) Add contrast with smaller tiles as a design feature or in a nook for your shampoo and soaps. Big tiles need a simple faucet design, so go for modern Alux® two handle widespread bathroom faucet by Delta when matching bathroom hardware. The geometric lines of a modern faucet play with the lines of the tiles. A clean Franklin Brass® maxted towel ring in polished chrome coordinates with the color scheme.

Neutral floor-to-ceiling mosaic tiles covering bathroom walls and bathtub.

Tiny Details

Modern not your thing? Mosaic tiles are a classic – the use of mosaics dates back to early Mesopotamia, and was popular in ancient Greece and Rome. Thankfully, we don’t have to apply every individual tile by hand like our Bronze Age ancestors did. Most mosaic tiles come by the foot, so you can go as tiny as you want and still cover the room. A glass tile with a translucent shine that bounces off the light adds a dynamic element but still keeps the bathroom a soft neutral. Pair with a solid color for your bathroom vanities, and add a glass shelf that does not distract from the focal points of the room. A curved faucet like the Lahara® two handle widespread bathroom faucet by Delta plays against the square of the tile and adds a touch of Mediterranean drama.

Glass shower with textured stone walls.

Textured Stone

Rocks aren’t just for home exteriors. A textured stone tile adds depth and dimension, and can be a striking focal point in the space. It does the same thing that color does – catches the eye – without overwhelming the senses. It also contrasts well with curved lines, so the PivotalTM TempAssure® 17T Series H20kinetic® shower trim in chrome or matte black is suited to play up the space. Think luxurious mountain spa retreat with the curve of bathroom hardware evoking the curved mountains in the distance while the stone mimics the natural spa around you. Peaceful, but still compelling.

Close-up of shower wall with long neutral tiles in a herringbone pattern.

Slim and Trim

Long, thin tiles in a brick, linear, or herringbone style can make a room look taller or wider. The horizontal placement of long, thin tiles in a line tricks the eye into thinking the room is wider than it actually is, a great option for tight spaces or small showers. In a herringbone pattern, thin tiles can give a small space dimension and visual interest. Placed behind the bathroom vanities and mirrors, it gives the room a modern feel. Thin tiles can range from white to dark beige, so if you want to add a pop of color, use the towels as part of your design. The Franklin Brass Voisin towel ring in Venetian bronze would match a tan or beige bathroom, and a satin nickel finish would complement a gauzier white.

Collage of gray hexagon bathroom tiles in sizes small, medium, and large.

Gray Is the New Neutral

No matter the tile size and shape, the newest color for neutrals is the gray family. From a soft dove gray that is a small step away from white to dark grays that give intimacy to a large bathroom, gray is here to stay. Hexagon gray tiles come in various sizes to add a graphic ambiance. Smaller gray tiles add texture to a modern space. Bathrooms without much light may not be suited for darker grays, since they can make the room look small and feel cramped. Rooms with skylights, glass block windows, or multiple windows will find gray to be a true neutral in the daylight. A polished chrome Astra towel bar by Franklin Brass and a clean white vanity top can finish off the space.

Bathroom Tile Ideas for the Color Fanatic:

White clawfoot bathtub surrounded by blue subway tiles.

Subway Blues

The favored subway tile gets a new hue – blue! For a peaceful bathroom retreat that also satisfies the color fan, a glossy, bright blue subway tile mimics the feel of a Caribbean ocean without being kitschy. A traditional Valdosta two handle centerset bathroom faucet by Delta or contemporary PivotalTM two handle widespread bathroom faucet will stand out against the tiles and match its gloss. Rich, warm wood accessories or dark baskets for holding white towels can round out the space. Play with accessories that usually do not fit a bathroom, like the cocoa and iron scroll hook rack, or deep maple tray found in a kitchen.

Long, thin green tiles in a vertical pattern around a white bathtub and vanity.

Go Green

No subtle vintage mint or pale green here. If you want to feel like you’re bathing in a tropical rainforest, a bright, bursting lime green in a high-gloss finish is for you. A vertically placed tile in the boldest green available gives the impression of height and length. Take the tile to the ceiling for optimal height. A softer lime green may look slightly yellow in certain light (not an ideal appearance around the toilet), so consider doing just the shower or tub area. Deep greens may lean a bit too retro, so be sure to use modern and minimalist bathroom hardware and accessories. A clean white vanity, modern PivotalTM single handle mid-height vessel bathroom faucet and a sleek Voisin towel bar and Voisin single arm toilet paper holder by Franklin Brass will keep the space in the rainforest, and out of the 1970s.

Blue, green, and white Moroccan tiles in a shower.

Moroccan Moves

Moroccan tiles are known for their geometric patterns, dazzling colors, and unique designs. These tiles have been called the hottest trend of 2018, opening up the market for new designers and layouts. The rich colors range from earthy reds to bursts of turquoise, making it easy for you to find the color scheme right for you. With such bold tiles, go with crisp white linens hung on a curved Amesbury robe hook in a dark bronze. Stick with dark bronze or oil rubbed bathroom hardware, and check out the Delta Porter Collection. For the walls, pick a neutral or one color in the tile as the color scheme, and stick to it. Too much color will take away from the beauty of the tiles and make the room feel crowded.

Bright red tiles used in a bathroom design.

Disco Inferno

Red is the color of passion and romance – two moods not normally associated with the powder room. For those who want a red bathroom, go with a high shine. Too dull a red could have your bathroom looking like the inside of a fire station, and too deep will darken the room considerably. Focus on an accent wall, and choose a mosaic tile or high-gloss traditional tile in the boldest color on the rainbow. If you’re going big, keep it going with a curved or large Ara Two Handle Wall Mount Faucet. Glass shelving on top of the tile will add to the reflective kaleidoscope and not block or shadow the design. Tread carefully with the white accents – too much red and white will scream Valentine’s, no matter the season. Cream or beige linen, silver or dark bronze bathroom hardware, and a playful smile when showing off your space round out this room.

Purple tiles used to decorate bathroom.

Purple Reigns

The color of royalty, a purple tile pops in lilac or deep plum and everything in between. This color can actually lean more neutral if you aim for a grayer lilac or light purple, allowing you to accentuate the space with deeper shades of purple linens, paint color, or floor mats. Silver and purple or gold and purple work well together (again, think royalty in jeweled crowns), so a chrome Everly® Delta faucet can give the room the princess touch. An Amesbury towel ring will let more of the tile power through. Remember that the darker the color, the smaller the room will appear. For cozy spaces, choose a lighter purple or pick an accent wall for your purple paradise design.

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White kitchen White Kitchen Cabinets | 6 Versatile Designs and S…

What décor style suits your kitchen? While Industrial, Farmhouse, and Coastal are worlds apart in style, they often have one surprising thing in common: white kitchen cabinets. White kitchen cabinets are on-trend for 2018 and beyond. And it’s easy to see why: the in-demand aesthetic is versatile enough that it can complement – or even set the stage for – any design style. White cabinets allow you to play with the aesthetics of your kitchen by adding touches of your design style in the kitchen hardware, backsplashes, and coordinating countertops. Your choice of white kitchen cabinets can be the anchor to any style, creating a cohesive design that both inspires and delights. No matter how you want to design your space, a white cabinet can be the starting point.

Traditional White Kitchen Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets in a classic, traditional kitchen.

Traditional does not mean boring. Flip through the pages of any interior design magazine or scroll through the Pinterest kitchen inspiration tag and you’ll find that traditional white kitchen cabinets are many an interior designer’s go-to aesthetic. It’s timeless enough to last for years without needing a kitchen overhaul, but current enough to impress. Replace existing or builder-grade cabinet pulls and drawer pulls with styles that offer graceful lines. The classic, chic look of white kitchen cabinets paired with a traditional square handled cabinet pull or an elegant luxe cabinet pull creates a homey feeling that is still refined. You can DIY oak, pine, or dark wood cabinets with some sanding, a solid primer, and a white paint with a cooler gray or blue undertone. Avoid a yellow undertone when choosing your paint color – these can look dull and dated in the wrong lighting. For color inspiration, check out Behr’s color studio. Beveled wood paneling or glass paneling is a feature in most traditional styles. Adding counter accessories like a carved wooden tray or unique glass containers can offer the same feel for less cost. A dark hardwood floor provides contrast, and can be mimicked with a dark color rug. Flowers in warm colors on the counter can bring the room together.

Industrial White Kitchen Cabinets

Sleek white kitchen cabinets in an industrial kitchen with wooden accents.

An industrial style kitchen evokes an urban loft – even if it’s in the middle of the suburbs. The functional and authentic style leans on design elements of metal, wood, stainless steel, and sleek lines. High sheen white kitchen cabinets and stainless steel appliances are a staple. To turn your kitchen industrial chic, go for the gloss when painting or choosing your cabinets. A white shining subway tile backsplash also adds shine. This is to contrast the other half of industrial style – the gritty, exposed brick, factory-inspired side. There are no warm fabrics or floor rugs here, but a contrast of wood and metal. Pair a wooden table with metal chairs, or choose industrial bar stools for your kitchen island. Mimic metallic with gray paints, and aim for light fixtures and metal accessories that would look at home in a warehouse workspace. For more lighting inspiration, check out Kichler Lighting’s kitchen gallery. For a quick DIY to your existing cabinets, remove the hardware and install modern edge cabinet pulls. These line the side or bottom of the door and do not interrupt the clean face of the cabinetry front. It gives the illusion that there is no handle at all. They can also be installed at the tops of drawers for a clean drawer pull. Replacing kitchen hardware with an industrial modern matte nickel cup cabinet pull or a stainless-steel pinstripe cabinet pull can use the existing drill holes in the cabinet face while still adding that elemental touch.

Minimalist White Kitchen Cabinets

Clean white kitchen cabinets with black hardware in a minimalist kitchen.

Nothing says minimalist like a white kitchen. For those who do not like clutter or dust-catchers and prefer an organized space, a minimalist design embraces simplicity. There’s one thing to remember when you go minimal: Less is more. But rest assured that minimal does not mean bare or boring. Items for display are chosen with care, curated instead of cluttered. White is the go-to color for minimalist design, with a pop of color here and there for effect. For example, an all-white kitchen with white cabinets could have a bright red ceramic glazed serving platter, or a striking piece of art on the wall that focuses on one color pallette. Large art and mirrors are favored over wallpaper or busy paint colors. A minimalist kitchen also provides the opportunity for an open shelving kitchen. Removing wall cabinetry in favor of clean, white shelving to artfully display functional and decorative pieces not only creates the linear ideal, but opens up the kitchen. Unobtrusive shelving is complemented by under-the-counter cabinets with clean, simple pulls, like a black square cabinet cup pull or a contemporary cabinet cup pull in dark oil rubbed bronze. Using a white lacquer paint or finish on your existing cabinets makes them gleam, emphasizing the sleek and clean aesthetic. A white matte finish will provide uniformity. Invest in your dinnerware if you choose open shelving, and make sure your serving ware is coordinated. Some opt for white dinnerware as well, completing the total white kitchen feel.

Coastal White Kitchen Cabinets

Coastal kitchen with blue accents, metal stools, and white kitchen cabinets.
Image: (keyword coastal kitchens)

Beachy, creamy, dreamy. A coastal kitchen invokes salty breezes and soft morning sun on sand, even if you’re miles from a shoreline. The trick with a coastal kitchen? Avoid the look of a kitschy seafood restaurant. (So skip the life-sized wooden pirate.) For this kitchen inspiration, our color scheme will follow four “S” words: sand, shell, sky, and sea. A blue or teal tile backsplash paired with white kitchen cabinets elicits the feeling of standing on a Caribbean shore. The two colors complement each other, and the color of sky and sea can range from cerulean blue to gray storm clouds. Go for the subtle colors in your décor accessories and paint to avoid the kitsch. Bright lighting is important, so nix the curtains and go for blinds. Natural textiles like jute can be used in accent pillows or floor rugs. Light wood floors, laminate, or tile brighten the room from the floor up. Use woods that are textured and weathered like driftwood, or a sun-bleached pale. The white cabinets serve as the anchor (no pun intended) for this room, so update with simple cabinet pulls like a retro classic cabinet pull. For a touch of whimsy, the subtle design of brushed satin pewter starfish cabinet hardware looks like a normal cabinet pull from across the room. It isn’t until you’re up close that you catch the design. Subtle décor keeps the kitchen sophisticated instead of cheesy, while allowing for fun details; use one large shell on a shelf instead of multiple small ones, or choose sea-inspired elements in metals or polished wood, all keeping in the same color scheme.

Farmhouse White Kitchen Cabinets

Farmhouse sink surrounded by white kitchen cabinets with Liberty Hardware Cabinet pulls.

We’ve covered the DIY joys of farmhouse kitchen style before, but we can’t get enough of this simple but beautiful style. This modern take on a grandmother’s cozy kitchen is warm and welcoming, without falling into clichéd traps of a twee, gimmicky farm style in red and yellow colors. More modern than farm, this style is practical and functional, but at the same time open and inviting. White kitchen cabinets in farmhouse style can have warmer undertones than industrial or modern kitchens, with cream matte finishes instead of shine. A farmhouse bin cup pull in a dark bronze complements the white cabinets, a quick DIY switch out of existing hardware that can change the feel of the space. Warm woods – think butcher blocks – or rustic, reclaimed wood accents on the walls or table contrast the white. (Exposed ceiling beams or whole walls covered in reclaimed barn wood are the ideal!) Sturdy, galvanized steel bar stools and seating are reminiscent of the hues of gardening tools or a milking pail, without the mess. Farmhouse style is still savvy, so modern-inspired backsplashes in gray or white tiles paired with neutral wall colors round out the space.

Modern White Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchen with large, clean island and white kitchen cabinets.

If clean and sophisticated is “you,” but minimalism and farmhouse aren’t, then you’re suited to a modern kitchen. This calls for your white kitchen cabinets to have very little frills. No trim or molding, just sharp, crisp lines. Like industrial, modern favors clean white paint with a lacquer or shine, and no warm undertones. A DIY for this is easy enough with the right cabinet hardware. Opt for chrome with a high polished shine for any visible hardware or hinges. A sleek modern steel cabinet pull or an etched modern polished chrome cabinet pull will shine along with your cabinets. Utilize oversized tiles and art for the walls to fill the space, but remember to keep it clean. One large art piece works as an eye-catcher. Two or more starts to veer toward contemporary over modern. The texture of the floors should be sleek as well; wood or laminate floors are preferred in modern style, dark enough for a contrast but light enough that they don’t darken the space. Anything that is the opposite of worn or shabby is ideal for a modern kitchen.

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