Adrienne Soulé

Vice President of Human Resources

"I am not contented to capture the world. I want to change it."
Leonardo da Vinci


Adrienne Soulé became Vice President of Human Resources in 2021 for Liberty Hardware. She currently leads both the Human Resources and Safety organizations.

Adrienne became well versed in the nuances of her field early on, with a BS in Business Management and an MBA in Human Resource Management. She began her career at the corporate offices of American Airlines in Dallas/Fort Worth. She took her innovative and participatory leadership style in Human Resources to the retail sector with The Home Depot and Target. Before joining Liberty Hardware, Adrienne served as Global Vice President of Human Resources with Chemours, serving both Fluoroproducts and Titanium Technologies divisions.

In her spare time, Adrienne enjoys spending time with her four children, going to baseball games, and exploring museums.

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