Employee Stories

Our people are our most important asset. They make our products shine and fuel our success. We’re proud to share their inspirational stories.

Steven D.

It has been nearly 20 years and Steven is not bored yet. Since being hired by Liberty in 2005, Steven has gotten a chance to work in almost every department on the operations floor. “You are always engaged and kept on your toes with the ever-changing landscape of the customs and supply chain field.” The chance to grow professionally has continuously motivated him to keep working with us.

After moving through the operations department, Steven was promoted to Logistics Compliance Coordinator 6 years ago. In addition to enjoying the challenges of his field, Steven says the best part about working at Liberty is the people. “The phrase ‘there is no I in the word team’ truly describes the way of life at Liberty.” Like many of his colleagues, he is looking forward to both the professional and personal opportunities that await him in the coming years with the Liberty family.

Kathleen F.

Supply chain management has become a more dynamic sector than ever since 2020. It’s a good thing Kathleen thrives on surpassing key metric goals. Throughout her 17-year career at Liberty, every time she helps her team exceed expectations, she has that “best experience” moment.

As a Demand Planning Analyst, Kathleen has a hand in every piece of inventory that comes through the door. When Kathleen joined us in 2005, she was looking for a profitable, forward-thinking company that needed her skills and we are delighted that she has helped us achieve tremendous growth for nearly 20 years.

“Supply Chain is very fluid. I’ve learned an immeasurable amount from leadership and the team is constantly exploring ideas and new methods for improvement. Time is always allowed for thought, research, and conversation.”

While she is the only female demand planner in a typically male-dominated field, like many of her colleagues, Kathleen stays with Liberty because of the culture. She especially values the flexibility. “I never thought I could work in an environment that caters so much to the employee’s work-life balance.”

Jason R.

Be ready for the “yes”.

This is one of the core lessons Jason has learned in his 10 years at Liberty. Be prepared to get what you ask for. Be ready for the next step when you get the green light. Working in the IT department, he didn’t think he would lead a lighting project proposal to upgrade Liberty’s old office lights to LEDs. Jason remembers how Liberty built teams around the initiative to set him up for success. “Of course, now I have an unnatural knowledge about lighting, but I learned about working with cross-functional teams, speaking to decision-makers, and leading change.” However, after his presentation when the leadership team said yes, he drew a blank. Jason recalls that this project and countless others in his decade of service have since grown his confidence in his abilities. He is always ready for the next yes.

As a guy who appreciates humor, he knew he had found the right home at Liberty in 2012 when the petite woman behind the desk fired him before his second interview. It turned out that Mrs. Sandy, as she’s known at Liberty, and her playful antics showed Jason the culture he would come to love: one where people support one another and have fun at the same time. He remembers many heartwarming moments at Liberty that illustrate this support, such as building homes through Habitat for Humanity, teaching kids about financial literacy, and helping kids have a Christmas who would be without otherwise.

“Liberty has given me many opportunities and gives me the freedom to be passionate about the things that are important to me.”

Carla B.

Carla began her career at Liberty in 2010 as a Senior Accountant. She was promoted to Senior Accountant II – Financial Reporting in 2017 and to Accounting Manager in 2021. Carla is driven by process improvement, NVA (non-value-add) reduction, and meeting or exceeding goals and deadlines. During her time at Liberty, Carla has earned her Six Sigma Green Belt certification and led multiple CI (Continuous Improvement) events. She sets the bar high for herself and others and seeks opportunities to learn and share her knowledge with others.

Carla appreciates the many charitable causes Liberty supports in our local community and helps with our Share the Joy Christmas charity each year by shopping for children. She also coordinated our donations of used items for the Share the Joy families in the years prior to the pandemic. Outside of Liberty, Carla enjoys reading, hiking, and all kinds of crafts. She and her family love to spend time painting ceramics, hiking in the mountains, photographing waterfalls, and enjoying the great outdoors together.