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Liberty Hardware® provides the little things you need to turn your house into your dream home. So, whether you’re looking to renovate your kitchen or complete a fun weekend DIY project, Liberty Hardware has the inspiration, products, and expertise you need to make it happen.


THE Liberty Hardware Difference

Finishing Touch

Liberty Hardware products give your home the finishing touch it needs for you to step back and say, “Ah. Perfect.”


Liberty Hardware products are conveniently located at leading home improvement retailers. You can order them online or pick them up from a store near you.


Liberty Hardware allows you to update your home with high-quality products that last — all at an affordable price.


No matter what your dream home looks like, Liberty Hardware has on-trend products and finishes to help you achieve it.

Family of brands

Liberty Hardware prides itself on offering consumers outstanding quality and distinctive design. Each of Liberty Hardware’s individual brands are united by the belief that the little details — things like drawer pulls and cabinet hardware — are what turn your house into a home.  Click to learn more about our Family of Brands.  

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Liberty Design Studio

The Liberty Design Studio is where the design magic happens. Here, our expert designers work together to bring you beautiful, on-trend products that will help you create a space you can't wait to get home to.