ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) are the guidelines we meet and exceed with our grab bars and assist bars, making sure they can act as a preventative measure throughout the home. 

Base Plate

Base plates (also known as cover plates) are the sections at the bottom of the posts of a towel bar, toilet paper holder or towel ring. These wrap around the mounting mechanism of the item and are often designed with different styles in mind to match trends and finishes.

Flush Levers

Flush Levers (also known as tank levers) attached to the side of your toilet and connect to the plumbing inside the toilet tank. When installed and pushed, they activate the flush in your toilet.



Wall plates (also know as switch cover or outlet plates) come in a variety of configurations and 'gang' is used to describe the number of switch or outlet opens exist. For example. If a wall plate has 3 switch openings that are side-by-side, it's referred to as a 3-Gang wall plate. 


Hook Rail

Also known as a hook rack or coat rack, a hook rail is a series of individuals hooks attached to a backing (often made of a wood material) that is mounted to the wall. Hook rails are often decorative to fit into the style of the room and can be used throughout the home.


IncrediGrip is a strong adhesive technology that sticks to smooth, dry, non-porous surfaces. It is removable and can be used multiple times without leaving sticky residue on the surface.

Mounting Plates

Mounting plates (also known as mounting fasteners or mounting brackets) are used to install bath accessories to the wall. These are hidden behind the posts or base plates and can utilize hardware like set screws to hold the item in place. 

Pivoting Toilet Paper Holder

Designed for easy tissue roll replacement, a pivoting toilet paper holder  has an arm that pivots up while staying attached to the post. It's becoming more popular for it's convenience  of quick toilet paper roll changes and sleek design compared to the spring-loaded toilet paper holders

Self Closing Slides

Self Closing Drawer Slides are constructed with a roller wheel that helps to guide the drawer close and prevents the drawer from opening again if it's bumped or jostled.  These can be mounted on the side of the drawer or mounted around the bottom joint of the drawer. For more information, please see the Buyers Guide for Drawer Slide Types.

Set Screw

Set Screws are a type of mounting system used across a variety of our bath accessories. Using an Allen Wrench, the screws are able to be tightened after mounting the accessories to the wall to ensure it's secure.

Soft Close

Soft close drawer slides and hinges allow the drawer or cabinet door to close automatically when it's a few inches away from closing. They stop the slamming of the drawer or door by making them close softly. For more information, please see the Buyers Guide for Drawer Slide Types.

Toilet Holders

Towel holders come in a variety of accessories such as towel rings, towel bars, towel racks and more. Bathroom towel holders  are designed to hang towels for drying and can hold one or more depending on the item.

Toilet Hook

A Towel Hook (also known as a Robe Hook) is a wall-mounted bath accessory that typically has one to three hooks that can be used to hang robes or towels to dry or for easy accessibility.

Toilet Paper Holder

A toilet paper holder (also known as a tissue holder) is an items that holds a toilet paper roll. These can be mounted to the wall or freestanding and are placed next to the toilet for easy access. Toilet paper holders also come in a variety of designs such as single post, double post and Euro style.

Toilet Ring

A towel ring is a circular ring that's connects to a post and attaches to the wall. They are designed to hold a hand towel near the sink or throughout the bathroom for easy accessibility.

Towel Bar

A towel bar has one or two bars attached to posts that mount into the wall of your bath. The bars are typically between 3-5 inches from the wall, allowing towels to be hung on them for efficient drying in between uses.

Towel Rack

A towel rack can come un multiple sizes and often have at least two bars to hang towels. Our most common towel racks hang over the back of a door and have tiered bars for convenience and efficient drying.

Towel Tod

Towel rods are the middle section of a towel bar. They are often square or circular tubes and connect to the posts of the item. You hang towels on these to dry.


Train Rack

Often seen in hotels or in bathrooms that need extra storage, train racks (also known as a towel shelf) are wall-mounted items designed to hang a towel while having room to store multiple folded towels. Train racks typically have one towel rod on the bottom and a shelf made up of multiple towel rods for storage.

Wide Angle Hinge

Wide Angle Hinges are used in a variety of applications where a cabinet doors needs to open at a wider angle than a typical door. This can be to avoid friction with the adjoining doors. An example of this would be a "Pie- cut" corner hinge for a corner cabinet.  To read more, please see the Buying Guide for Cabinet Hinges.