Your next DIY Project: Decorative Drawer Knobs

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Your dresser is a necessary, functional part of your bedroom. It’s where your shirts and clothes go to live so that they don’t live on your floor! But, it’s also a prime opportunity for you to work on a DIY project that will give your bedroom a touch of flair. All you have to do is add new dresser drawer knobs! Home design is all about detail. By adding in the right dresser drawer knob, you can really breathe new life into your furniture and into your room! At Liberty Hardware, we have a number of stylish dresser drawer knobs that can help you accomplish that in your next DIY project! Here are a few of our favorites.

Stylish Dresser Drawer Knobs

Arias Knob – The Arias dresser drawer knob is the ideal knob if you want to give your room a warm yet rugged look. Its statuary bronze color and solid square design makes it a bold statement piece for your dresser. Inspired by rustic décor, you’ll be thrilled with this knob.

Arias 4/5" (20mm) Cabinet Knob

Global Retro Knob –  The Global Retro Knob is inspired by the clean geometry of a midcentury modern design. This knob is made of bright polished chrome which makes it the perfect knob if you’re trying to pair it with white or dark wood tones in your dresser.

Global Retro 1-1/4" (32mm) Cabinet Knob

Ayanna Knob – Add some Zen to your dresser drawers and your room with the Ayanna knob. This smaller knob features artisanal lines imprinted into the top of a soft, square profile. If you’re going for a modern look, this is the perfect knob for you. Best of all, it comes in four finishes – Bedford Nickel, Heirloom Silver, Polished Nickel, and Bronze with Copper Highlights – so you’ll be able to match it to any home décor.

Ayanna 1-1/4" (32mm) Cabinet Knob

Antique Knob – Simple yet sophisticated, the antique knob will create the perfect finishing touch on your dresser. It has a soft silhouette and is perfect for traditional furniture. It comes in a number of finishes and comes with the necessary installation hardware to make your DIY project a breeze.

Antique 1-1/8" (28mm) Cabinet Knob

Emmy Knob –  This slightly oversized dresser drawer knob will provide graceful and modern appeal to your dresser. It features flowing lines and is perfect for traditional cabinetry and furniture.

Emmy 1-1/2" (38mm) Cabinet Knob

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Didn’t see something that suited your home décor or personal preference? No worries! We have got a wide range dresser knobs that you can browse. Search for more dresser drawer knobs at Liberty Hardware now! The perfect knob is only a few clicks away!