White Kitchen Cabinets | 6 Versatile Designs and Styles You’ll Love

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What décor style suits your kitchen? While Industrial, Farmhouse, and Coastal are worlds apart in style, they often have one surprising thing in common: white kitchen cabinets. White kitchen cabinets are on-trend for 2018 and beyond. And it’s easy to see why: the in-demand aesthetic is versatile enough that it can complement – or even set the stage for – any design style. White cabinets allow you to play with the aesthetics of your kitchen by adding touches of your design style in the kitchen hardware, backsplashes, and coordinating countertops. Your choice of white kitchen cabinets can be the anchor to any style, creating a cohesive design that both inspires and delights. No matter how you want to design your space, a white cabinet can be the starting point.

Traditional White Kitchen Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets in a classic, traditional kitchen.
Image: http://www.kitchen-design-ideas.org/pictures-of-kitchens-traditional-white.html

Traditional does not mean boring. Flip through the pages of any interior design magazine or scroll through the Pinterest kitchen inspiration tag and you’ll find that traditional white kitchen cabinets are many an interior designer’s go-to aesthetic. It’s timeless enough to last for years without needing a kitchen overhaul, but current enough to impress. Replace existing or builder-grade cabinet pulls and drawer pulls with styles that offer graceful lines. The classic, chic look of white kitchen cabinets paired with a traditional square handled cabinet pull or an elegant luxe cabinet pull creates a homey feeling that is still refined. You can DIY oak, pine, or dark wood cabinets with some sanding, a solid primer, and a white paint with a cooler gray or blue undertone. Avoid a yellow undertone when choosing your paint color – these can look dull and dated in the wrong lighting. For color inspiration, check out Behr’s color studio. Beveled wood paneling or glass paneling is a feature in most traditional styles. Adding counter accessories like a carved wooden tray or unique glass containers can offer the same feel for less cost. A dark hardwood floor provides contrast, and can be mimicked with a dark color rug. Flowers in warm colors on the counter can bring the room together.

Industrial White Kitchen Cabinets

Sleek white kitchen cabinets in an industrial kitchen with wooden accents.
Image: http://www.norbandys.com/industrial-style-kitchen-island/entity/826e/industrial-home-kitchen.html

An industrial style kitchen evokes an urban loft – even if it’s in the middle of the suburbs. The functional and authentic style leans on design elements of metal, wood, stainless steel, and sleek lines. High sheen white kitchen cabinets and stainless steel appliances are a staple. To turn your kitchen industrial chic, go for the gloss when painting or choosing your cabinets. A white shining subway tile backsplash also adds shine. This is to contrast the other half of industrial style – the gritty, exposed brick, factory-inspired side. There are no warm fabrics or floor rugs here, but a contrast of wood and metal. Pair a wooden table with metal chairs, or choose industrial bar stools for your kitchen island. Mimic metallic with gray paints, and aim for light fixtures and metal accessories that would look at home in a warehouse workspace. For more lighting inspiration, check out Kichler Lighting’s kitchen gallery. For a quick DIY to your existing cabinets, remove the hardware and install modern edge cabinet pulls. These line the side or bottom of the door and do not interrupt the clean face of the cabinetry front. It gives the illusion that there is no handle at all. They can also be installed at the tops of drawers for a clean drawer pull. Replacing kitchen hardware with an industrial modern matte nickel cup cabinet pull or a stainless-steel pinstripe cabinet pull can use the existing drill holes in the cabinet face while still adding that elemental touch.

Minimalist White Kitchen Cabinets

Clean white kitchen cabinets with black hardware in a minimalist kitchen.
Image: https://www.studio-mcgee.com/studioblog/2017/4/10/minimalist-kitchen-styling

Nothing says minimalist like a white kitchen. For those who do not like clutter or dust-catchers and prefer an organized space, a minimalist design embraces simplicity. There’s one thing to remember when you go minimal: Less is more. But rest assured that minimal does not mean bare or boring. Items for display are chosen with care, curated instead of cluttered. White is the go-to color for minimalist design, with a pop of color here and there for effect. For example, an all-white kitchen with white cabinets could have a bright red ceramic glazed serving platter, or a striking piece of art on the wall that focuses on one color pallette. Large art and mirrors are favored over wallpaper or busy paint colors. A minimalist kitchen also provides the opportunity for an open shelving kitchen. Removing wall cabinetry in favor of clean, white shelving to artfully display functional and decorative pieces not only creates the linear ideal, but opens up the kitchen. Unobtrusive shelving is complemented by under-the-counter cabinets with clean, simple pulls, like a black square cabinet cup pull or a contemporary cabinet cup pull in dark oil rubbed bronze. Using a white lacquer paint or finish on your existing cabinets makes them gleam, emphasizing the sleek and clean aesthetic. A white matte finish will provide uniformity. Invest in your dinnerware if you choose open shelving, and make sure your serving ware is coordinated. Some opt for white dinnerware as well, completing the total white kitchen feel.

Coastal White Kitchen Cabinets

Coastal kitchen with blue accents, metal stools, and white kitchen cabinets.
Image: http://www.teamr4v.org/best-of-home-improvement-loans (keyword coastal kitchens)

Beachy, creamy, dreamy. A coastal kitchen invokes salty breezes and soft morning sun on sand, even if you’re miles from a shoreline. The trick with a coastal kitchen? Avoid the look of a kitschy seafood restaurant. (So skip the life-sized wooden pirate.) For this kitchen inspiration, our color scheme will follow four “S” words: sand, shell, sky, and sea. A blue or teal tile backsplash paired with white kitchen cabinets elicits the feeling of standing on a Caribbean shore. The two colors complement each other, and the color of sky and sea can range from cerulean blue to gray storm clouds. Go for the subtle colors in your décor accessories and paint to avoid the kitsch. Bright lighting is important, so nix the curtains and go for blinds. Natural textiles like jute can be used in accent pillows or floor rugs. Light wood floors, laminate, or tile brighten the room from the floor up. Use woods that are textured and weathered like driftwood, or a sun-bleached pale. The white cabinets serve as the anchor (no pun intended) for this room, so update with simple cabinet pulls like a retro classic cabinet pull. For a touch of whimsy, the subtle design of brushed satin pewter starfish cabinet hardware looks like a normal cabinet pull from across the room. It isn’t until you’re up close that you catch the design. Subtle décor keeps the kitchen sophisticated instead of cheesy, while allowing for fun details; use one large shell on a shelf instead of multiple small ones, or choose sea-inspired elements in metals or polished wood, all keeping in the same color scheme.

Farmhouse White Kitchen Cabinets

Farmhouse sink surrounded by white kitchen cabinets with Liberty Hardware Cabinet pulls.
Image: https://www.libertyhardware.com/project-inspiration/projects-and-ideas/3-easy-diy-farmhouse-kitchen-ideas

We’ve covered the DIY joys of farmhouse kitchen style before, but we can’t get enough of this simple but beautiful style. This modern take on a grandmother’s cozy kitchen is warm and welcoming, without falling into clichéd traps of a twee, gimmicky farm style in red and yellow colors. More modern than farm, this style is practical and functional, but at the same time open and inviting. White kitchen cabinets in farmhouse style can have warmer undertones than industrial or modern kitchens, with cream matte finishes instead of shine. A farmhouse bin cup pull in a dark bronze complements the white cabinets, a quick DIY switch out of existing hardware that can change the feel of the space. Warm woods – think butcher blocks – or rustic, reclaimed wood accents on the walls or table contrast the white. (Exposed ceiling beams or whole walls covered in reclaimed barn wood are the ideal!) Sturdy, galvanized steel bar stools and seating are reminiscent of the hues of gardening tools or a milking pail, without the mess. Farmhouse style is still savvy, so modern-inspired backsplashes in gray or white tiles paired with neutral wall colors round out the space.

Modern White Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchen with large, clean island and white kitchen cabinets.
Image: https://felicekitchen.com/modern-kitchen-white-shaker-cabinets/modern-kitchen-white-shaker-cabinets-pictures-kitchen-cabinets-shaker-beaded-kitchen-cabinets-shaker-kitchen/

If clean and sophisticated is “you,” but minimalism and farmhouse aren’t, then you’re suited to a modern kitchen. This calls for your white kitchen cabinets to have very little frills. No trim or molding, just sharp, crisp lines. Like industrial, modern favors clean white paint with a lacquer or shine, and no warm undertones. A DIY for this is easy enough with the right cabinet hardware. Opt for chrome with a high polished shine for any visible hardware or hinges. A sleek modern steel cabinet pull or an etched modern polished chrome cabinet pull will shine along with your cabinets. Utilize oversized tiles and art for the walls to fill the space, but remember to keep it clean. One large art piece works as an eye-catcher. Two or more starts to veer toward contemporary over modern. The texture of the floors should be sleek as well; wood or laminate floors are preferred in modern style, dark enough for a contrast but light enough that they don’t darken the space. Anything that is the opposite of worn or shabby is ideal for a modern kitchen.

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