The Copper Cabinet Knobs You'll Find in the Most Beautiful Homes

Decorative Cabinet Hardware

You can find copper cabinet knobs from Liberty Hardware Mfg. Corp. in a wide variety of styles and finishes. Browse our extensive collection of high-quality cabinet hardware to find the pieces that best fit your decorating style. Copper finishes are stately and modern and come in shades from rusty reddish orange to shiny and polished bronze.

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Copper Hardware Designs From Liberty Hardware Mfg. Corp.


copper drawer pullbrass knob

At Liberty Hardware Mfg. Corp., one of the copper cabinet knob and pull finishes we offer is called brushed satin red antique. This excellent style choice is notable for its reddish hue. Brushed finishes are typically easy to clean, making them a good choice for kitchen cabinet knobs and drawer pulls. Unlike shinier finishes, brushed satin red antique finishes won't show water spots. Some examples of this copper finish are the Fusilli Pull and the Grace Cabinet Knob, pictured above.


low sheen brass knoblow sheen brass knob

The red antique low sheen is also a brushed finish. This finish is more of a warm reddish-gold than what one may conventionally think of as "copper." It's a matte tone and won't typically show smudges or fingerprints. The Astro Dome Knob is sophisticated and contemporary, while the Rope Edged Knob adds coastal flair to any room!


Sponged Copper finish creates a unique accent to coordinate with light to medium warm neutral paint tonesSponged Copper finish creates a unique accent to coordinate with light to medium warm neutral paint tones

A sponged copper finish allows you to actually see the divots and marks made by the process of applying the finish. This style allows for a copper cabinet knob with a simple, basic design (like the Meridian Knob by Brainerd) to become more visually interesting. Adding texture to a room is a central tenet of interior design, and installing sponged copper cabinet knobs like the Provincial Round Knob are a great way to accomplish a rich textured look.


Liberty Hardware Mfg. Corp. designs quality copper cabinet knobs

At Liberty Hardware Mfg. Corp., we pride ourselves on meeting the needs of DIY home decorators. We offer hardware with several additional kinds of copper finishes, including copper kettle and antique copper. Browse our entire collection of copper cabinet knobs, pulls and hardware to find excellent style choices for your home!