Style and Storage Ideas to Achieve a Modern Bathroom Design

Bath Hardware

What is a Modern Bathroom Design, Really?


If you’re itching to give your bathroom a new look, a modern bathroom upgrade might be just what the doctor ordered. Modern home décor takes its name from the modernist-inspired décor that became popular at turn of the 19th century. It features clean, functional design, and gravitates toward neutral or natural colors. For many people, the bathroom can become a cluttered catastrophe. By incorporating clean visual elements and simple organization solutions, you can give your bathroom is a refreshing modern look! .



How to Implement the Perfect Modern Bathroom Design


Cabinets and Drawers


A quick and easy way to breathe new life into your bathroom is to add knobs and pulls to your cabinets and drawers.  You would be surprised how big an impact little details can make. The modern style focuses on the use of clean lines and geometric shapes – like firm squares and rectangles – and doesn’t incorporate embellishments. To integrate this element into your bathroom, add pulls like the Square Bar Pull  or knobs like the Classic Square Knob.

To take it a step further, paint your cabinets and drawers a neutral color like a Behr “toasty gray” or “silver marlin,” and choose champagne bronze for your hardware finish to give them an extra pop!


Organize! Organize! Organize!


The spirit of the mid-century modern look is simple and uncluttered, so to pull it off in the bathroom you have to keep it minimal. As most of us have  a host of facial, hair, and body products, that can be tricky!. That’s why organization is key.


For starters, if you have too many towels, or never enough space for them, add another a towel rack. This will keep them neat, off the floor, and free up closet space. The Kinla 3-Piece Bath Accessory Set is a great option for keeping with the modernist design. In addition to strong geometric features, their modern design also pulls in flowing, gentle curves.


And what about all of that stuff that sits on the counter? Hide it! There are a number of great counter storage options, like the Two-Tier Basket, to help you keep the mess off the counter. Imagine the joy of walking into your bathroom to see a clear, sparkling counter top, without an army of tubes and bottles! That’s marvelously modern. If you want to keep some of your products well within reach but still bring some organization to the bathroom, try the Haircare Holster for your mirror.


Modern Bathroom Design Made Easy

It doesn’t take much to give your bathroom a modern design. Give it a dose of organization and upgrade a few pieces of hardware, and you’ll be well on your way. Happy upgrading!