Popular Brass Cabinet Pulls that Will Accent Your Home's Style

Decorative Cabinet Hardware

If you’re looking for brass cabinet pulls to add to your home cabinetry, look no further than Liberty Hardware. We have been specializing in providing functional and decorative home hardware since 1942. We’ve got a number of brass cabinets pulls in different types of brass finishes, so we know you’ll find the right pull to add the perfect accent to your home. Check out a few our most popular selections!

Aged Brass Cabinet Pulls

Ideal for wood cabinets that feature warm tones, aged brass is probably the brass most people think of when they consider adding brass decorative hardware to their home. This type of brass has deep gold tones with brown or orange undertones and noticeable aging. If you are looking for this brass cabinet pull, consider adding a few of these knobs!

Ashley Pull – The Ashley Pull is a classic pull that has subtle accents. If you want a pull that will add a timeless element to your home that you’ll love for years, check out this one.

Ashley 3 in. (76mm) Cabinet Pull

Leaf and Vine Pull – If you want to add a pull inspired by the beauty of nature, check out the Leaf and Vine Pull. It’s perfect for traditional cabinetry and features a gorgeous etched vine pattern.

Leaf and Vine 3 in. (76mm) Cabinet Pull

Polished Brass Cabinet Pulls

Polished brass resembles the beauty of pure gold without breaking the bank! It has a pure brass color without brushing or tumbling, and has a very glossy sheen lacquer. This type of brass is perfect for cabinetry with dark paint or stains.

Wire Pull – Go for the Wire Pull if you want to add a funky blend of luxurious and casual to your cabinetry. This pull has clean lines and is fashioned from steel making it an extremely versatile pull.

Wire 3" (76mm) Cabinet Pull

Minaret Design Pull – The Minaret Design Brass Cabinet Pull is unapologetically sophisticated. It will add an air of elegance to any room in your home and is great for traditional furniture and cabinetry.

Minaret Design 3" (76mm) Cabinet Pull

Brushed Brass Cabinet Pulls

Brushed brass features muted gold tones with soft brushing and no visible tumbling. You’ll want to go for this brass cabinet pull finish if you’re trying to pair it with grey or other dark cabinet and furniture tones. 

Davidson Cup Pull – This handsome pull features a cup shape – hence the name. It’s impeccable for casual cabinetry and furniture, but will go great with any home décor style!

Davidson 2-1/2 in. (64mm) Cabinet Cup Pull

Steel Bar Pull in Bayview Brass – This bar pull is inspired by a modern European décor style and compliments both modern and casual cabinetry styles. 

Steel 3 in. (76mm) Cabinet Bar Pull

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At Liberty Hardware Mfg. Corp., we provide a wide selection of styles and designs for home hardware. If you’re interested in cabinet pulls in other finishes, then check out our Shop by Finish option.