Organization Ideas: Relieve your Stress with Entryway Storage

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How a few organizing tricks can declutter your home, health and life

Did you know that getting organized can do more than make your home look nice? It’s true. Studies have shown that cleaning and organizing your space can have a positive impact on productivity, stress, and your overall wellbeing.  Take control of your clutter, with a few simple tips and tricks from Liberty. 

Less Mess Less Stress

Almost 50% of Americans believe that cleanliness and organization at home are among their top five stressors. Ever wonder how clutter is affecting your life?

  • A recent study showed that people with organized homes had less physical symptoms like stress, exhaustion and depression than those with cluttered homes.
  • Clutter is linked with higher levels of anxiety that can negatively impact your immune system, heart, and other important bodily functions.
  • Clutter is more than just the physical “stuff” lying around, clutter can cause your senses to work and focus on it creating extra work for your brain!
  • On average people spend 55 minutes a day up to 12 days of the year looking for misplaced items.
  • Nearly 23% of adults don’t pay their bills on time because they lose them.
  • It isn’t just extra stuff in your home, it’s extra stuff to think about too and can cause your senses to work and focus on things that aren’t necessary!
Almost 50% of Americans believe that cleanliness and organization at home are among their top five stressors

Is this enough to stress you out? Don't worry!  We've compiled a few tips and tricks to help you start to get more organized, feel more calm and relaxed and take control of your clutter!


1. Start with your entryway:  If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the entryway is the pulse.  Your entryway is the area in your home for coming and going, is often a shared space in your home, and can become a drop zone filled with clutter.  There are a few simple adjustments to your entry way that can make a big difference: 

a. Designate Space: Whether each person in the family receives their own space, or this is a shared area - make sure you have carved out some room for all the stuff that gets contained here.

b. Get the Stuff Off the Floor:  Try using decorative hooks and hook racks to hang items instead of collecting them in piles.  Give each person enough hooks to control their items such as hats, scarves, backpacks, purses, etc.

c. Control the Shoes: Shoes tend to be one of the largest collection piles and can easily be forgotten and tripped over.  Try small cubbies to contain each pair, or a low mounted hook rack close to the floor to hang shoes on.  You can even set out trays to place shoes during messier seasons.

d. Ready to Go:  Nothing is more time-consuming, frustrating or stressful than searching for your keys when you are on your way out the door!  A big benefit to having your entryway organized is that it makes your house when everything you need to leave is in one central location!  Use a stylish key hook and keep all your items together and close to the door for a quick getaway.

e.  Don't forget the Mail:  Bills, junk mail, magazines, they all tend to come through the front door and stay right in the entry way adding to the clutter.  Try using the industrial basket with coat hooks as a mail organizer.  Sort and toss the un-needed items as soon as you walk in and store the items you do need in easy to access baskets.  You can add multiple baskets for additional layers of organization.

Start simple in the entryway to kick start your organization and reclaim your space!  Remember, even the smallest changes can make a big impact.