Master Bathroom Ideas: How to tame those towels

Bath Storage and Organization

Are you your home’s resident towel tackler? We know the routine all too well — we’ve been there. 

It’s time to quit your second job of towel pickup. 

Towel hooks, towel bars, and towel racks you can tame your towels and make storing them fun and easy. You’ll feel confidence and pride in your home as you organize your used and unused towels in all rooms of the house. Unexpected guests, which were once feared, are now welcome because towel storage makes towel organization more manageable.

(You may even get to enjoy some “you time” by saving so much time on dirty towel clean up duty!)

Did you know that 50 percent of consumers have three or more towels in use in just their bathroom alone! (We know that there’s at least that many dirty dish towels in your kitchen right now too!) A towel is used an average of 2.8 times before it’s put into the laundry —contributing to a messy hassle for everyone in your home and creating more work for you room by room.

Here’s how you can manage your towel usage in ways that don’t produce a chaotic mess: 

  • Cut down on damp towels in piles on the bedroom or bathroom floor by installing an over-the-door triple towel rack.  It will help you maximize space and discreetly hide your damp towels, with minimal installation required! Hooks are also great to install on the back of bathroom and bedroom doors, so people have a place to hang their wet towels.
Towels neatly hung on a decorative rack.
  • Do you fight over whose towel is whose? Protect the sanctity of your towel by installing personalized hooks for specific members of your family. Have fun with style adding a nautical-themed hooks, like the Anchor or Octopus Hook. Or use add a deluxe hook rack - where everyone’s towel has a place to call home!

Nautically themed towel hookNautically themed octopus towel hookdecorative towel hooks

  • Are you sick of seeing unattractive towel rods or having limited room in your linen closet? Prettily display your clean towels for guests by adding a decorative wall-mounted towel shelf or store multiple towels by adding a decorative towel bar. You can’t go wrong with either, as each is a perfect spot for your just-laundered, fluffy whites.
decorative towel bar
  • Finally, nothing is worse than needing a towel to dry your hands and realizing that it’s on the other side of the room, or stuffed in a cabinet or drawer somewhere and not readily accessible. Decorative towel bars are the perfect, fashionable solve. Entire bath collections also make towel and washcloth storage a no-brainer, all while bringing elegance to your bathroom or vanity.
decorative towel bar

Start today and take these towel taming solutions to heart and turn your bathroom from a locker room situation to an inviting spa-like sanctuary.