How to Update Your Kitchen in a Weekend with Paint and Hardware

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If you have a weekend to spare and want to give your kitchen a total transformation, we’ve got just the project for you.The easiest way to make a big impact on your kitchen’s overall look is to change your cabinet colors and update your their knobs and handles. Pairing a fresh cabinet color with an exciting hardware finish can help you create a kitchen you adore. It takes just just 8 simple steps!

brass finish kitchen

Your 8-Step D.I.Y. Kitchen Cabinet Update

  1. Pick a new color for your cabinets. Picking the cabinet color may be the most important step in this process since your cabinets set the mood for the rest of your kitchen. Lighter colors will make the kitchen feel more open and spacious, while darker colors will make the space feel more cozy and intimate. Not sure what color to pick? Head to your local home center or hardware store to grab paint chip samples and pin them up in your kitchen!
  2. Pick out your cabinet knobs or handles. Coordinating your cabinet color with the right cabinet hardware finish and style can make a big difference. For the sake of this cabinet conversion, we’re going to highlight one of our favorite new finishes: brass. But, it’s not the shiny brass you’d find in your grandmother’s house. This exciting brass is the new “it” finish for trendsetters, and has a warmth and depth that your grandmother’s brass never had. It pairs especially well with dark grey and navy, but also works well with white to create a modern look. Note: The shape of your hardware is also important! If you want a more modern look, go for cabinet hardware with strong lines and geometric shapes. If you want a more traditional look, hardware with decorative shapes and flourishes is the way to go.
  3. Prep your cabinets. Before you begin painting your cabinets, it’s important to prep them. This will make the process of painting easier and will help you get the best result.
    1. Remove the cabinet doors from the hinges (an electric drill will come in handy here). Once they are off, remove the hardware from the cabinet doors as well. As a helpful tip, you may want to take a piece of tape and number your cabinets so you know where to put them when you need to put them back up. Trust us. This will save you quite the headache!
    2. Clean the doors and the frames. There’s a good chance grease and other dirt has settled on the surfaces. Take a rag, warm water, and soap, and gently clean them.
    3. Use a sander to make the surfaces even. You can use 100-, 120-, or 150-grit sandpaper. If your cabinets have a glossy surface, you can take a rag and use deglosser. Some people find deglosser to be easier than sanding.
    4. Prime your surface. This will help paint stick to the surface of your cabinet and frames when it comes time to paint. This is crucial for getting the best finish.
  4. Paint your heart out! Once the primer has dried, you’re ready to paint to your heart’s desire! Throw on some music and go to town. Depending on what kind of paint you get, 2-3 coats may need to be applied.
  5. Let it dry! Patience is a virtue! You’re almost there. Treat yourself to a slice of cake for all of the work you’ve put in so far.
  6. Reinstall your cabinets. If you marked each cabinet door location, reinstallation should be a breeze!
  7. Add the finishing touch. Your kitchen cabinet upgrade isn’t complete until you add your new cabinet knobs or handles. This is the icing on the cake (or the cherry on top, if you’re more into ice cream sundaes)!
  8. Enjoy! Once you’ve put that last knob or handle on your cabinet, take a step back and take it all in. You have just brought your vision to life and completed your very own masterful kitchen update. Congrats!