How to Organize 4 Key Areas in Your Bathroom

Bath Storage and Organization

The bathroom is one of the highest traffic areas in your home and is often shared with multiple people. It’s the place where you do your makeup or shave your beard in the morning and the spot where you brush your teeth at night before going to bed. 

From your vanity or shower covered in hair care and hygiene products, to stacks of miscellaneous magazines or towels around the toilet — people are always seeking ways to corral their items. Your busy life can leave your bathroom a chaotic mess, but you can keep life simple with bathroom organization. 

With a few simple updates, you can arrange your space and turn your bathroom into an organized oasis without breaking the bank. Read how you can bring order to four key areas of your bathroom. 

Turn Your Bathroom Into an Organized Oasis

Tub & Shower

Shampoo, conditioner, and soap — oh my! 

Bathroom tubs and showers rarely offer much storage space other than a slick ledge or two. Forget storage solutions with weak adhesive strips or slippery suction cups. IncrediGrip products are stronger and more useful than any adhesive you’ve ever seen. The Incredigrip shower caddy and our two-tier basket stick to smooth, dry, non-porous surfaces like mirrors, ceramic tiles, or fiberglass shower walls. IncrediGrip products provide instant storage in hard-to-use areas for all your lotions and potions! With a surface bond that increases over time, it’s the only organizational option you’ll ever need for your hygiene products and you’ll enjoy the luxurious feeling of bath time with your spa essentials right within reach.

Shampoo, conditioner, and soap — oh my!

Toilet Solutions

The back of the toilet is often seen as an extension of the bathroom counter top. Take advantage of the space with storage solutions that will keep things like extra rolls of tissue and magazines close by. Over-the-Tank Storage is a chic solution for small spaces and/or the need for extra storage. Organize and store rolls of toilet paper, wet wipes, reading materials, and other personal items with ease. Add a pretty candle and a stylish succulent and your toilet instantly becomes a beautiful bathroom centerpiece, rather than an awkward eyesore. 

Toilet paper is a must, so why not do it in style? Freestanding Toilet Paper Holders offer the perfect blend of form and function and provide toilet paper storage in exactly the place you most need it — right next to you. Don’t get caught without a roll or struggle with the spring on your wall-mounted dispenser ever again.

By adding toilet storage solutions, you can take advantage of every inch of your bathroom — even in the unexpected places.

toilet storage solutions

Towel Management

There’s nothing worse than stepping out of a soothing shower and right into an uncomfortable towel that’s either stiff and scruffy or soggy and wet from not being hung properly. Over 50 percent of consumers have three or more towels in use in their bathroom on any given day! It’s time to tame those towels and turn your bathroom from a locker room situation to a spa-like sanctuary. 

Over-the-door towel racks alleviate towel storage problems, offering attractive organization for your towels, robes, sponges and more. With no installation required, they hang easily over all residential doors and provide the perfect solution for smaller bathrooms with limited wall space.

Additionallydecorative individual hooks and robe hooks offer practical and decorative storage solutions for managing your towels and other items, allowing you to create a bathroom that reflects your personal style.

decorative individual hooks and robe hooks

Vanity & Mirror Area

With hair accessories, lotions and hygiene products galore, the counter and under the vanity areas are often war zones. The lipstick is fighting for space with the nail polish and the hair dryer is vying for space against the electric razor. Keep everything organized to make sure your morning routine runs smoothly each day. 

Tired of reaching into your cluttered cabinet for the hairdryer? Want a better a way to organize under the sink?

Free up some counter space with a Haircare Holster. If your blow dryer and curling iron have taken over you counter in a tangled mess, this will save the day. Turning unused space like your mirror into storage perfection, it organizes your hair care must-haves with horizontal or vertical mounting capabilities! You’ll be able to blow dry, straighten, spray and go in no time. 

Create instant storage in a discreet location with our Over-the-Cabinet Accessory Holder. Not only does it provide storage that can be hidden away, but you’ll have a happier morning grabbing frequently used items from the multi-use tray instead of spending 10 minutes searching for what you need. 

Over-the-Cabinet Accessory Holder

Whether you’re looking to tackle just one of these areas or are in need of a total bathroom organizational overhaul, achieving organizational bliss is within reach. Arranging your bathroom in an easily accessible way that’s easy to maintain doesn’t have to take days to set up. Once complete, you may even realize that your bathroom has become your favorite room in your home!