How to Make Your Home Beautiful with One of Our Style Statements

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You know which Full House character you’d be. You’ve nailed down your spirit animal. But what would you say if we asked the name of the style that represents the real, inner you?

Try one of these: Cottage. Industrial. Luxe. Vintage. They’re the four new Liberty Style Statement product lines featured exclusively at Home Depot, and one of them will make you feel right at home.

So read on, and when you get to the style that makes your soul sit up and smile, remember: you can find it exclusively at Home Depot!


Your favorite day involves sun, sand and a drink in your hand. You’re your friends’ go-to girl when they need to de-stress and remember that life can be simple and fun. Keepin’ it casual — that’s you to a T. And for some reason, you can’t get enough of gold braiding!

If this is you, it’s time to try our Cottage collection. From crisp white ceramic drawer pulls to blue-accented wall hooks, this collection of simple details evokes the gentle pull of the ocean, no matter how far from the sea you may be.

Cottage. Industrial. Luxe. Vintage


Nothing moves you like talking to your grandmother about her days on the farm...but you do it smartphone in hand. You love a good butcher-block counter, drink french press coffee, and cook from copper pots, all to a soundtrack playing from your wireless speakers. Your roots are the reason you have a taste for the now.

Sound familiar? Then try our Industrial collection. It’s the perfect blend of rustic and modern. Pair nickel door knobs with aged wood hooks, and come up with a look that’s as unique as you are.

nickel door knobs with aged wood hooks


When you were young, you yearned to live in Manhattan, and you never forget Coco Chanel’s famous advice: always take off an accessory before you leave the house. Your baseboards are pristine, your hand towels are ironed, and your boots are black leather. The world is your oyster.

Yes? Yes. Then surround yourself with sophistication. The elegant product line includes details like rich cut glass drawer pulls and Champagne Bronze hook rails with strong-lined, architectural accents. Remember: Everything good goes well with black, including Luxe line hardware.

rich cut glass drawer pulls and Champagne Bronze hook rails


Your long, flowered scarf gusts up in the September wind as you hurry to the car, latte in hand. The backseat is full of books as usual. You’re on the phone planning a girls’ Friday night, because you’re the fun one, full of ideas. Your secret favorite movie: the Princess Bride.

Put your nature on display with the bright, playful, feminine details in the Vintage hardware collection. From linen-wrapped hook rails to bright aqua knobs, these statement pieces are perfect for eclectic, romantic, cheerful you.

linen-wrapped hook rails to bright aqua knobs

View the entire Style Statement Collection here.