How to Create a DIY Hook Rack w/ Decorative Cabinet Hardware

DIY Projects

Creating your own Hook Rack can be a fun, affordable DIY Project to add a little personal style to your home's decor. Best part, you can get started with only a few supplies. A little hardwood, BEHR Paint and decorative hardware and hooks and you're on your way. 

We've created a simple 'How To' for you to follow that details all of materials and tools needed for this project. Below are are a few of the finished samples we created which turned out beautifully! 

decorative hooks

Project materials:

Weathered Hardwood Board available at The Home Depot

Liberty Satin Nickel Post Hook

Liberty Satin Nickel Anchor Cabinet Knob

Liberty Soft Iron Industrial Craftsman Wall Hook

Liberty Soft Iron Vintage Spigot Cabinet Knob

Liberty Pink Ceramic Rose Cabinet Knob

Liberty Alysse Satin Nickel Cabinet Knob

Liberty Ruavista Champagne Bronze Coat and Hat Hook

BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Interior Hi-Gloss Enamel Spring Stream PPU12-07

BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Interior Hi-Gloss English Channel PPU14-19

DIY parts tp build hook rack


  • Drill with drill bits (Use a smaller drill bit when doing hooks and slightly larger for the knob)
  • Paint brush or roller
  • 8x32 x 5/8” machine screws (Use on knobs)
  • #8x1/2” wood screws (Use on Hooks)
  • Knobs
  • Hooks
  • Paint

Step 1: Drill Holes for Knobs and/or Hooks

Power drill drilling a hole in a board

First, measure out evenly your knobs and hooks on the wood rail. Mark your spots and pick the correct drill bit for your drill (You can do this by matching up the end of the drill bit to the end of the screw). Then drill your holes based on where you made your drill marks.

You don’t have to use all hooks or all knobs, you can mix it up and use both, just remember not to use the same drill bit for different pieces of hardware.

Step 2: Paint

Painting the new hook rack

Once the holes are drilled you can paint your unfinished wood rail. Choose a color that matches your décor, hardware or just something that speaks to you. BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Interior Hi-Gloss is a great line of paint to choose from and has many options. Use a paint brush or roller to paint on 2 -3 coats (No need to paint the back as that will not be shown).

Step 3: Add Knobs and/or Hooks

Installing knobs and hooks onto the rack.

Add your hardware to your rail. If you are using knobs, place your machines screws in the holes from the back of the rail and then twist on the knob until tight (you might want to tighten further with a screw driver). If you are using hooks, place the hook in place where you can see the holes on the board line up with the holes on the front of the hook and screw the wood screws in from the front of the rail (again, a screw driver or drill might help to tighten your screws).

Step 4: Style and Enjoy!

Styled DIY hook racks.

Once you've completed your own Hook Rack, we'd love to see your completed project! Snap a photo and share it with us on Facebook or Instagram using hashtag #MyLibertyLook