Gorgeous Brass Drawer Pulls For Your Furniture

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Shop brass drawer pulls at Liberty Hardware. We craft brass knobs and cabinet hardware in a variety of finishes, including polishedsatin and antique brass. Each has a unique look that will match with any personal home design style. Find which types of brass drawer pulls work best for your home design project!

Brass cabinet pulls and hardware from Liberty Hardware

If you need new inspiration for your DIY home remodeling, or if you want to compare styles to decide on the best brass drawer pulls for your decorating project, you should browse some of the selected pieces below. Click on each image to find out where to buy these and other Liberty Hardware brass drawer pulls at locations near you!


Satin brass drawer handles

Satin brass drawer pulls offer a beautiful accent color if you are looking for a matte finish rather than something that shines and overpowers.

Randolph drawer pull

The simple design of the 3" Randolph Drawer Pull matches well with almost any piece of furniture. The traditional elegance of this piece make it a strong fit for both traditional and modern styles.


Polished brass cabinet pulls

Polished brass drawer pulls have a shiny, golden finish that attracts attention and adds vibrant flair.

Square foot brass pull

This 3" Square Foot Brass Drawer Pull offers sophistication and a classic chic feel that is perfect for both traditional and casual cabinets and drawers in your home. The hardware is crafted from high-quality die-cast zinc for long-lasting durability.

enchanted brass pull

The 5-1/16" Enchanted Brass Drawer Pull creates lines that are clean and subtle, which makes it a great addition for modern style pieces.


Antique brass drawer pulls

Antique brass drawer pulls appear darker than other types of brass and work well in several different kinds of interiors. You can update your vintage furniture or add an aged elegance with antique brass.

spoon foot pull

The 3" Decorative Edge Spoon Foot Brass Drawer Pull pictured above features a simple design for a distinctive style all its own. As with all of our other brass drawer pulls, this piece comes with installation hardware for your convenience.


Liberty Hardware has brass drawer pulls for any style

For brass drawer pulls of a wide variety of styles and finishes, be sure to explore everything that Liberty Hardware has to offer. Our products are available at affordable prices at retailers near you.

Check out our huge selection online today, and find the inspiration you need to finish your DIY home decorating project!