Entryway Ideas to Hang Coats During the Winter

Decorative Hooks

In fact, much of the eastern United States was recently hit with what’s called a “winter bomb cyclone” resulting in lots of snow, ice and frigid temperatures.  Even Florida wasn’t spared this storm where we’ve heard that frozen iguanas have been falling out of trees!  If you’re like us you’ve been frantically digging out all of your winter coats, scarves, hats, mittens and anything else to keep you warm as you head outdoors.  But what happens to all of that winter gear when you trek back inside?  Usually, it gets tossed over the nearest furniture or piled up near the front or back doors in a chaotic mess.  The good news is that Liberty can help you turn that chaos into order.  Our selection of hooks and hook racks are easy to install and are a beautiful addition to your home’s décor all while keeping your winter gear handy and organized.  Keep reading to see some of our favorite ways to store winter gear.

Our individual Jumbo Hammered Hooks, shown in an oil rubbed bronze finish, can be mounted side by side to create an elegant array for hanging coats and hats, while fitting your personal space.  Recreate this look in your hallway, near the door to your garage or carport or in your front foyer.

Decorative hooks with coat and hat

This Galena Hook Rack, with a warm maple rack and statuary bronze hooks, provides beautiful storage next to the front door for guests to hang up their coats, umbrellas and gloves.

decorative hooks

These lovely scroll hook racks come in multiple sizes and finishes to accommodate your household’s needs and match your home’s décor style.

Decorative hooks with coatsDecorative hooks with hat and umbrella

This versatile white and satin nickel tri-hook hook rack has multiple prongs for maximum storage capacity for each member of the household.  

Decorative hooks with accessories

Ready to transform your entryways from a clutter of winterwear back to a warm, welcome home that is stylishly organized?  View our assorted collection of Liberty decorative hooks and hook racks to compliment your home décor and keep your spaces neat and tidy.  Organization with style has never been so easy.