DIY Apothecary Cabinet for Added Storage and Workspace

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Whether you work from home, own your own firm, or are a stay-at-home parent, extra storage space is a luxury. What if that extra space came in the form of 18 drawers? This DIY apothecary cabinet is an organizer’s office storage dream!

One of the greatest perks about working from home is the relaxed, hospital environment. Finding home office ideas that enhance the homey atmosphere while maintaining the productive work environment can be difficult. Too much home office furniture can make your workspace start to feel more like your living room. That’s why this DIY apothecary cabinet is the ideal piece of office storage furniture for at-home offices.

Looking to add some additional office storage space to your home office? Look no further than this 18-drawer apothecary cabinet designed and built by Cami on her Tidbits Blog. This multi-drawer apothecary cabinet, built with Liberty Hardware® silver drawer pulls, offers ample storage space and doubles as a workspace. It’s a strikingly unique piece of office furniture that has the ability to soften any office space.

Designed to have a slight vintage feel, almost antique appearance, Cami wanted her new office furniture build to feel a bit old. To discover how Cami achieved the worn look of her apothecary cabinet, check out her go-to painting techniques and step-by-step tutorial on 'How To' create a vintage painted finish on new wood. The final finish of this apothecary cabinet came out looking beautiful!

To coordinate and complement the vintage paint finish on her apothecary cabinet, Cami chose to accent her storage drawers with the bold yet simple, Liberty Awning Cup Pull in polished nickel to add a sophisticated finishing touch. The soft, silver color and unique design really pop and make a statement on this apothecary cabinet. We love your selection, Cami!

Liberty Hardware DIY apothecary cabinet 18 drawers storage space

(Photo courtesy of Tidbits)   
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