Cozy Up With Our Cottage Collection

Project Ideas

Is Martha Stewart your spirit animal?  Do you swoon over the clean charm of wainscoting and the preppy look of classic American style? Do you take pride in growing your own garden?

If you do, then you’re probably the type of person who values family time, loves summer road trips to both the country and the coast, and always favors handmade over store bought.

You don’t have to live in Nantucket to capture the essence this casual, laid back lifestyle.  With our Style Statement Cottage Collection, you can create this feeling in your own home.

Style Statement Cottage Collection

Our cottage-inspired hardware line features crisp white beadboard details, homey ceramic pieces, nautical inspiration, and effortlessly casual finishes such as brushed nickel, polished chrome and oil rubbed bronze.

For cottage style with a modern twist, our Mandara hook rail may be just the thing you need to hang up your gardening hat after a day of planting fresh flowers. With clean lines and a vibrant deep blue finish, it’s both sleek and timeless. 

For a bit of whimsy, our Octopus hook is both playful and practical. The tentacles beckon to be adorned with colorful beach towels while the soft aqua blue color is reminiscent of a crystal-clear summer sky.

Mandara hook rail

With our Style Statement Cottage Collection, you’re able to invoke a calm and quaint feeling for anyone who steps over the threshold of your home. The Cottage Collection offers elements that help you give your home a relaxed, natural ambiance that is ideal for casual decor. Incorporating any pieces of the Cottage Collection line will have you daydreaming of lazy summer days on your front porch.

Welcome home.