Copper Cabinet Hardware to Create a Beautiful Home

Decorative Cabinet Hardware

Copper is a beautiful option for finishes if you are looking to add hardware to your furniture or looking to upgrade your current hardware. Copper features a red to orange colored finish and ranges from polished to tumbled. It’s a versatile color, but is especially popular in today’s home décor trend when paired with grey or white cabinetry. At Liberty Hardware Mfg. Corp., we offer a variety of unique and beautiful copper cabinet hardware options. If you want to give your home an upgrade with a splash of copper, look no further!


We have a wide variety of excellent copper finished knobs. Some of our favorites include: 

The Provincial Round Knob brings a unique artisanal design. It features rich, elegant detail that will invite a subtle floral pattern into your home. This knob is perfect for traditional cabinetry and furniture, and is crafted from aluminum.

Provincial 1-1/2 in. (38mm) Cabinet Knob

The Meridian Knob features an especially warm sponged copper finish and is as beautiful as copper cabinet hardware comes. It has a distinctive hand-crafted appeal with beautiful detailing, and will bring a bold sense of style to any room in your home.

Meridian 1-1/4 in. (32mm) Cabinet Knob

The Basket Weave Knob – The stunning checkered pattern of the basket weave knob will bring an air of timeless beauty into any room in your home. Like most of our copper cabinet hardware, it comes with convenient installation hardware to help you apply it to your cabinets.

Basket Weave 1-1/8" (28mm) Cabinet Knob


If you’re looking to add a pull instead of a knob to your cabinetry, then check out a few of these options. 

The Two-Tone Pull has unparalleled coloring that will really bring a dynamic look to your cabinetry. The pull starts out with a darker copper finish that climaxes in the center with a beautiful reddish copper detail. It’s bold and modern, but works well with any type of furniture.

Two-Tone 3-3/4" (96mm) Cabinet Pull

The Traditional Bow Pull has a perfectly antique vibe that isn’t so strong that it can’t be dressed in a more modern setting. Effortless and stylish, the sponged copper finish is the perfect warm accent to any of your cabinetry.

Traditional Bow 3 in. (76mm) Cabinet Pull

The Beaded Pull features a simple, smooth design that is highlighted by ornate beads on each end of the bar. This is a product that you’ll love for years to come!

Beaded 3 in. (76mm) Cabinet Pull

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