Cabinet Hardware: How to Install European Hinges

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European hinges look beautiful, and they're easy to install if you know what you're doing. With a power drill, a Forstner bit, a screwdriver and the hardware included with your Liberty Hardware hinges, you'll get those cabinet hinges installed in no time. Get your tools together (including your new European hinges), and in just thirty minutes or less you'll have upgraded your cabinet hardware!

A step-by-step guide to installing European cabinet hinges

IMPORTANT NOTE: For ease of installation, read through all instructions before you begin to install your cabinet hinges.

Also, make your installation process easier by using the AlignRight Concealed Hinge Mounting Kit and template.


Tools required:

  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Power drill
  • 35-mm Forstner Bit
  • #2 Pozidriv screwdriver (Hand-tighten only when using a screwdriver) 
  • Hinges, including hardware and template



  1. Use the template included with your purchase to mark holes in your cabinet door. If you do not have a template, you can use the AlignRight Mounting Kit in the link above.
  2. Very carefully, drill 1/2"  deep into your cabinet. Do not drill through your cabinet door! Test to make sure that the flanges of your hinge touch the surface of the door.
  3. Insert the hinge cup into the holes. Use a ruler to ensure that the hinge is aligned, and drill pilot holes through the screw holes. Then, use a screwdriver to hand-tighten the screws to anchor the hinge cups.
  4. Align the cabinet door with the cabinet. If you are using the included template, follow the guidelines to align the cabinet door.
  5. Install the mounting plate to the door by aligning the screw holes with the cross you have just drawn on the inside of the cabinet. Drill pilot holes first, and then use your screwdriver to insert the screws.
  6. Hook the hinges onto the mounting plate and press on the bars to ensure they are snapped in place. Use your Pozidriv screwdriver to fine-tune the position of the cabinet door so it is perfectly aligned with the frame.


Find European style hinges from Liberty Hardware

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