Cabinet Hardware Highlight: Chic Pulls and Knobs

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Adding decorative pulls and knobs to your cabinets could be the missing touch in your home design project. With the right hardware, you can create the ultimate accent piece in any room. Browse the wide selection of pulls and knobs from Liberty Hardware and find superb quality pieces for your home!

Ideas for cabinet hardware design

Your home design project may involve adding cabinet pulls and knobs with a creative flair in a wide range of modern styles. Here's a selection of our favorite pulls and knobs.


Chic modern pulls

chic modern pullchic modern pullchic modern pull

These sleek, elegant styles add an instant update to older kitchens, and they compliment existing finishes on your cabinets and drawers. These designs are crafted from high quality materials for lasting durability. Interested in these designs? Click the images above to explore each piece.


Unique classical pulls

Unique classical pullUnique classical pullUnique classical pull

With these classical designs, your pulls become accent pieces all on their own. Designs like these create a beautiful dynamic in any minimally designed kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. Click the above images to find the ideal hardware for your cabinets.


Minimal contemporary knobs

Minimal contemporary knobsMinimal contemporary knobsMinimal contemporary knobs

Even the most minimally designed knob can make a subtle style addition to any room in your home. If you've recently renovated or are trying to spruce up an older cabinet or drawers, these modern designs offer design flexibility. Choose your favorite option and click on the image to find where they are sold near you!


Intricate decorative knobs

Intricate decorative knobsIntricate decorative knobsIntricate decorative knobs

Intricately designed and carefully crafted, decorative knobs create a bold accent piece. These knobs let your style and taste shine in every room. Click the knob that reflects your creative spirit to explore even more options!


Find knobs and pulls at Liberty Hardware

Since 1942, we've offered a diverse selection of high quality hardware to match your home decor. Let us change the way you see your home. Shop our products online today and find dependable cabinet knobs and pulls for your home.