Bedroom Colors That Can Affect Your Mood

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Colors affect our moods, whether we realize it or not. Blue has been found to make you sleepy. Yellow makes you happy. But what color makes you motivated to get out of bed? Or puts you in the mood for romance? Home décor inspiration often covers the shades of bedroom colors, but not how they can make us feel. Here’s a look at the ways to improve your home – and your moods – through your bedroom colors.

Blue Bedroom Colors: The Peaceful Sleep

Bedroom with soft blue walls painted with Behr Casual Day paint surrounding a modern bed.
Behr Casual Day Image:

Painting your bedroom in a shade of blue will keep you from the blues. These hues signify calm, relaxation, peacefulness. If you’re looking for the bedroom colors that are best for a good night’s sleep, choose a soft sky blue like Behr’s Casual Day or a Behr Wide Sky, a light blue with a gray undertone. These colors are for those who want to create a room that is made for soft pillows and sweet dreams. White accents for window frames, crown molding, wall borders, and outlet and switch colors will give a hint of white clouds passing through a blue sky. Add a Liberty Brand Stamped Round Triple Switch Cover in white over your light switches, and a matching Liberty Brand Stamped Round Single Outlet Cover for your electrical sockets. For those who prefer a bolder blue, softer lighting can tone down bold shades when it comes time to hit the hay. The Kichler Aldergate 3-Light Pendant catches the eye and diffuses through its geometric pattern, creating a soft glow. The Behr Soul Search is a Caribbean turquoise that will have you dreaming of sandy shores, and the Behr Constellation Blue is a deep blue with purple hints that will have you counting stars. No matter which blue you choose, this is the color that will have you sleeping peacefully.

Green Bedroom Colors: The Personal Retreat

Bedroom with soft green walls, created with Behr Azalea Lead paint.
Behr Azalea Leaf Image:

One of the more cost-efficient ways to improve your home (and your mood) is to pick up the paintbrush. Green shades are best for a personal space that can be used for meditation, sleeping, or reading. It’s very reminiscent of sitting in a deep green forest and taking a deep breath. These colors are for a room that shuts away the worries of the world. Appropriately, the Behr 2018 Color of the Year is a green called In the Moment. It’s a spruce blue-green mix that’s tranquil enough for meditation and sleeping. Behr's Fresh Tone is a light fern green that goes well with both metallic and wood tones. When painting your space, consider replacing the outlet and light switch covers. These are usually builder-grade and may not match your new redo. Replace light switches with a Brainerd Architectural Single Switch in metallic satin nickel finish or a Brainerd Ruston Single Outlet Cover in Venetian Bronze to go with your new color. For a more masculine tone of green, try Behr Secret Meadow. It has a green tone that evokes pine trees on a fall day. The Behr's Azalea Leaf is a lighter green with a touch of gray for those looking for more of a neutral green.

Gray Bedroom Colors: The Motivated Morning

Bedroom wall behind bed painted with light gray Behr Quiet Time paint.
Behr Quiet Time Image:

Gray isn’t the first color that springs to mind when looking for home decor inspiration, but this hue has rapidly become a new neutral that adds both class and sophistication to any room. Gray colors are close enough to blue to evoke a good night’s rest, but this isn’t the color choice for someone who wants to stay in bed. This is the color for those who sleep lightly, get up early, and go out to face the day. Maybe it’s because gray is the ultimate in-between color – not quite black or white – that causes it to be a good color for transitioning into sleep at night or out of bed in the morning. The Behr Quiet Time is a light gray that complements bold accent colors and decorative furniture. With large furniture, make sure Liberty Brand decorative cabinet pulls and knobs are in proportion to the size of the piece. Furniture will stand out more against a neutral wall color. Update your Liberty Brand furniture hardware with wheels for easy movement. New paint has a way of making us want to rearrange our old furniture as well. Pick up a Franklin Brass Stamped Round Single Outlet Cover in satin nickel – the metallic tone will reflect the gray walls – and replace your outlet covers as you rearrange furniture. Behr Grape Cream is a light gray that would suit a smaller bedroom, and Behr Graylac has a purple tone that is more feminine. The Behr French Silver leans more silver-blue than gray, so this would be good for someone wanting a very subtle change when updating their bedroom colors.

Neutral Bedroom Colors: The Room of Romance

Bedroom with dark neutral walls, created with Behr Off the Grid paint.
Behr Off the Grid Image:

You read that right. Surprisingly, it’s not red that inspires romance, but a neutral color. Neutral colors allow us to focus not on the room, but the things in it. By design, neutral colors fade into the background. This allows us to focus on the art on the walls, the fabrics on the bed, what’s in the room rather than on the walls. Being with your significant other in a neutral room will allow you both to feel unburdened in the safety of the space, because you are concentrating on each other. A 2016 Marie Claire UK article states that caramel is actually the best color for romance, so bring on the warm beige tones! True neutral bedroom colors are subtle, like the Behr Milk Paint, a creamy white with a warm undertone. Try a Behr Off the Grid if you want to be a bit bolder and go with a darker neutral. Be careful not to go so dark that you’re no longer in neutral territory. Match tones with a neutral Franklin Brass Classic Architecture Triple Switch Cover installed over your light switches, or update lighting to a dimmer switch and cover with a Brainerd Windemere Single Switch/Rocker Cover. The Behr Soft Focus offers a gentle light tan balance between white and brown, and the Behr Celery Powder has a soft tan-green undertone that keeps it light and bright. Your room may be neutral, but it won’t be boring.

White Bedroom Colors: The Sanctuary

White paint used on bedroom walls with white geometric art and bedding.

Crisp and clean, but cozy. A white bedroom is well-suited for a modern or minimalist aesthetic. This is a room for clear minds, quiet contemplation, and very little clutter to get in the way of it being a safe haven. Coming home to a clean space each night reduces stress, and allows you to leave the worries of the day behind. No to-do lists, emails, or meetings. Keep this space organized so that the stressors of the day do not follow you to bed. Install a hanging hook like the Brainerd Graceful Hook to stow your purse or computer bag away from your bed so you won’t be tempted to bring work in with you. Update wall outlet covers to match your new paint job – current outlet covers may look dingy in comparison to the fresh white paint. Try a Liberty Brand Wood Architectural Single Outlet Cover or a Liberty Brand Stamped Round Double Outlet Cover in white. Like neutrals, there are different kinds of white. For an icy white, paint your room with Behr Frost. Undertones can add shades in certain lighting, like the Behr New House White, which has a tan undertone that can give the appearance of cream. The Behr Frothy Surf has a subtle blue-green undertone, and Behr Lilac Mist has a purple undertone that turns the white lavender. Be sure to keep the color undertones in mind when you’re choosing your sanctuary shade.

Accent Bedroom Colors: The Color Splash

Bedroom with bright yellow-orange accent wall created with Behr Life Is Good paint.
Behr Life Is Good Image:

There are some colors that are too bold or too busy for the whole room. Think of it as too much of a good thing. The colors red and orange are stimulants and could inadvertently trigger your brain into alertness instead of sleep. Shades like purple can be too dark, causing a small room to feel even smaller, and may cause feelings of claustrophobia or depression. Yellow is a color that is actually associated with getting a good night’s sleep, but even the happiest bright yellow can be overwhelming on all four walls. For yellow accents, try the upbeat almost-orange Behr Life Is Good or the honey-toned Behr Kombucha. These colors are best as accent paint in your space. If there are light switches on the wall you want to paint, the Liberty Brand Huntsfield Triple Switch Cover is made from unfinished wood for you to stain or paint to match your décor. Pair with a corresponding Liberty Brand Huntsfield Single Outlet Cover while you have your paintbrushes out. Accent colors can be used for the foyer to the master bedroom (to signify a separation of space), a painted headboard, or on one accent wall. Your foyer could be a playful Behr Spirit Warrior red, while your master walls are a soft neutral. Purple tones would suit as an accent wall for rooms that are painted gray. A Behr Strong Iris will appear as a purple-blue on a wall, and can be the accent wall behind the bed. With three gray walls to tone down the purple, this can be a striking feature for the bedroom. (Behr Ancestry Violet or Vintage Ribbon would also work for this.) Remember that yellow colors bring happiness, purple signifies luxury, and reds are considered lucky and intimate. These bedroom colors may not bring a restful night’s sleep on a subconscious level, but they do bring joy.

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