Beautify Your Home with these Glass Cabinet Knobs

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Popular Glass Cabinet Knobs from Liberty Hardware

Glass cabinet knobs were highly popular in the early 19th and 20th century. Today, they represent sophistication and style. Glass knobs are making a big comeback, so if you’re looking for knobs for your cabinets, then check out some of Liberty Hardware Mfg. Corp’s popular selections below.

Popular Glass Cabinet Knobs

Swirled Glass Knobs – The swirled glass knob is a glamorous option with a distinct look, and is the perfect glass cabinet knob for bathrooms. The swirled, smooth glass is also delightful to touch, making this an excellent option.

Swirled Glass 1-5/8" (41mm) Cabinet Knob

Bubble Glass Knob – The Bubble Glass Cabinet Knob might have one of our most soothing and calming aesthetics. The delightful bubbles within the glass give it the gentle look of water, and the bold blue tone fits well with a number of painted and stained wood finishes.

Bubble Glass 1-3/16" (30mm) Cabinet Knob

Faceted Glass Knob – Our faceted glass knob is one of our most popular selections. It comes in multiple colors and does an exceptional job of catching and reflecting light. Give your cabinets an upscale look with glass knobs that look like diamonds!

Large Faceted Glass 1-7/16 in. (36mm) Cabinet Knob

Victorian Glass Knob – The Victorian Glass Knob gets its name from the Victorian era from which it draws its inspiration. It has a sophisticated look and will bring a heightened sense of luxury to any cabinet in your home.

Victorian Glass 1-1/8 in. (28mm) Cabinet Knob

The Perfect Glass Cabinet Knobs for Your Home

Glass cabinet knobs are perfect for anyone who wants to give their home an upscale feel.  And due to their nature, glass knobs are durable and long lasting. Check out our online collection to find the perfect knobs for your home!