Beautiful Home Refresh: 5 Spaces to Update to Make a Great First Impression

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When guests come over, you want to make a great first impression and show off the best of your beautiful house. But there are some areas that tend to get neglected when preparing for company. One of the easiest ways to make your home beautiful is to pay attention to the overlooked areas that don’t usually get any love. A little TLC goes a long way. We’ve got the interior and exterior design ideas for a beautiful house that can be done over a weekend.

Exterior Design

Exterior design

Light the Way: Outdoor Lighting

No one wants to stumble in the dark. An embarrassing spill on the front pathway to your front door does not make a great first impression when welcoming guests to your beautiful house. Outdoor lighting makes all the difference. Overhead and side lighting are both essential to light up your front door and doorbell. Replace your old porch light with an overhead Kichler Manningham 2-Light Outdoor Ceiling Light above the entry way. To make sure no one trips in the dark, line the walkway leading to your door with Kichler LED Path Lights. Outdoor step lighting can illuminate your front steps; a Kichler LED Linear Step Deck can light the way for your friends.

Front Door ideas: Paint Front Door for a Warm Welcome

For front door ideas that make a great first impression, the warmest welcome can come from a simple paint update. Warm colors signify a cozy home and cool colors can contrast a brick exterior to make the front door stand out. Many homes have multiple points of entry. Make sure your front door – the one guests will enter – stands out. Try a warm Behr Premium Plus Paint & Primer In One in a creamy Baja or cool Behr Shipyard (blue with gray undertone). A warm Behr Red My Mind is also welcoming. Unless your HOA says otherwise, don’t be afraid to make your front door pop with an unexpected color that shows off your personality. A Behr Dancing Mist (blueish-purple) or the Behr Dazzle and Delight (a peachy-pink) will have the neighbors green with envy.

Stay Grounded: Secure Décor & Furniture

Your seasonal wreath looks amazing on your newly painted front door, but make sure it stays that way. Décor faux pas include patio chairs being blown over into the neighbor’s front lawn, wreathes in a heap on the front porch, and seasonal decorations falling into the bushes. Secure your yard décor with a Vortex Spiral Folding Ring Anchor, and keep wreathes secure with an over-the-door wreath hanger or a magnetic wreath hanger.

The Mudroom and Foyer Ideas

Mudroom and foyer

A Simple Entryway Idea: Overhead Lighting

Great foyer ideas often come as an afterthought. The foyer or the mud room is the first thing guests see when they walk into your beautiful house. Make sure your entryway isn’t an oversight. Depending on the size of your foyer, lighting can be an issue. Front doors with windows let light in during the day, but can be too dark with the wrong overhead lighting when the sun goes down. Builder-grade overhead lighting usually consists of one bulb. One entryway idea: Update your foyer fixture for extra light. A Lacey 3-Light Semi Flush Ceiling Light is fancy enough to impress, and offers triple the glow for your transitional space. The industrial Brinley 3-Light Flush provides a vintage look that can suit either a foyer or mudroom.

Large foyers with chandeliers can cast great light, but the closet where guests keep their coats and umbrellas may be just a dim overhead bulb, or nothing at all. Adding a side lamp near the closet can cast a softer glow, or a hidden row of Kichler Pure White LED Tape. For additional steps into the home from the foyer or mudroom, consider installing a Kichler LED Step Light for safety.

Hang Tight: Hook Racks

Purses, umbrellas, backpacks, and shoulder bags also need a place to call home. Whether you’re entertaining guests or simply organizing for the week ahead, knowing that there is a place for everything (and everything in its place) means that you’re one step ahead of clutter. 
Add character with a decorative teal Liberty 16-inch Wire Hook Rack, or go for an elegant pure white and satin nickel Liberty Wardrobe 22-inch Hook Rack. A space-saving over-the-door hook rack can help keep a small entryway from feeling cramped. A Franklin Brass Dolan Coat and Hat 18-inch hook rack with six coat and hat hooks is wide enough to hold multiple family hats, scarves, and coats so none get lost in the morning shuffle.

Size It Up: Appropriately Sized Décor

This is an entryway idea that works with what you already have. Move, replace, or trade items that do not fit the size of your entryway. Whether your entryway is a grand two-story open space or a cozy nook, proportion matters. An oversized side table in a cozy foyer can crowd the space. Update with a demi lune table – a thin, half-circle table that tucks against the wall. Mirrors, artwork, and wall hooks for both a large and small space have to be appropriately sized. Small mirrors are dwarfed in an open foyer, and a cozy entryway isn’t the spot for large artwork. When purchasing new art and mirrors, bring your tape measure for accuracy.

Half-Bathroom Ideas


Make Use of the Space: Storage Solutions

The half bathroom ideas that really make a difference are all about the storage. Most half-baths do not have the built-in storage room of the full masters or family bathrooms. There isn’t room to store extra soap, hand towels, or toilet paper. This can make it difficult for guests if they need something that runs out. Tuck a discreet Franklin Brass Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder with Roll Reserve by the toilet to avoid embarrassed guests. Extra hand towels can be hung with a Franklin Brass over-the-door triple towel rack on the door.

Replace Old Mirrors

Replace the mirror in your half-bath with a Delta Custom Reflections mirror. Make use of the space by going vertical. Since most powder rooms are cozy, a taller mirror over the sink will accentuate the height of the room instead of call attention to the lack of width.

Hang Up: Towel Bars and Towel Rings

To give your guests more elbow room, consider towel rings. (This may also free up wall space for a shelf – another step in taking care of storage.) Try the Franklin Brass Jamestown Towel Ring in polished chrome. Match it with a Franklin Brass Jamestown Double Towel Bar or two in polished chrome, and be sure to place an extra bottle of hand soap for your guests.



Cabinet Space: Spruce Up with New Cabinet Hardware

Change the whole look of your kitchen in one afternoon. A complete kitchen redo takes time and money, but a cabinet refresh with new cabinet hardware only takes a few hand tools and your favorite album to listen to while making the hardware switch. Changing house hardware is one of the fastest ways to make your home beautiful in the shortest amount of time. A traditional Liberty Brand Emberlee Cabinet Pull can add elegance, while a Liberty Brand Devereux Cabinet Pull gives the space a modern touch. For a more classic look, go with the Liberty Brand Elegant Luxe Cabinet Pull.

Add Shine: Replace Faucets

In the list of ideas for a beautiful house, dated and dull kitchen faucets usually do not make the cut. This is a subtle change that can make a huge impact. By coordinating the kitchen faucet with your new cabinet hardware, it gives the illusion that the whole space has been redone. Replacing a faucet is simple enough to do in an afternoon, and cost-conscious enough to make it worth your while. Guests who offer a hand in the kitchen will see shine instead of grime. Try a Delta single handle pulldown faucet with ShieldSpray® Technology or an Addison Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O® Technology and Soap Dispenser by Delta in a coordinating tone.

Blemish Fixer: Paint Touchups

Your beautiful house may have a few bumps and scratches on the walls from pets, kids, moving furniture, or a wayward vacuum cleaner. When you want to impress guests, make sure those little dents aren’t a problem. Pick up a small pint that matches your current kitchen paint color and break out the brushes. Cover the blemishes that cannot be scrubbed away. For a real redo, choose a new color to paint the kitchen. The 2018 Color of the Year by Behr paint is a tranquil spruce blue that combines blue, gray, and green called In the Moment. Played against white kitchen cabinets and new cabinet hardware, the color is cool but modern.



Wall Plate Bling: Replace Builder-Grade Outlet Covers and Switch Covers

As the ultimate transitional space, your hallway should reflect the rest of your beautiful house. Get rid of builder-grade outlet and switch covers that may not match your paint or décor. There are several styles to choose from, and many that can contrast or blend in with your design. To make the area a little more luxurious, the Brainerd Beaded Single Outlet Cover adds a touch of glamour, while the Brainerd Ruston Single Outlet Cover gives the hallway a more traditional feel. For combo outlets and light switches, the Franklin Brass Classic Architecture Single Switch/Outlet Cover accommodates both. The Brainerd Architectural Single Rocker Cover fits a single light switch or dimmer switch. For double outlets, go with the Franklin Brass Stately Double Outlet Cover.

Tread Softly: Deep Clean or Replace Rug

Treat your hallway as more than a pass-thru to the other areas of your home. It’s a space where guests can admire family photos and framed art. Make sure it’s up to the task. Deep clean hallway carpets to get rid of debris and stains that contrast the cleanliness of your walls. Carpet shampooers are available for rent at many chain box stores and come with instructions on how to best beat the dirt. Worn out transitional rugs placed over hardwood floors can be affordably replaced if needed.

Compare and Contrast: New Paint Color

A unique way to spice up the hall is to use two different colors of paint. Like wainscoting, using two paint colors divides the space and adds dimension. Paint the top half white, and the bottom a warm accent color, like the warm mocha Behr Road Less-Traveled. For cool tones, try a blue like Behr Casual Day. Match picture frames to the bottom half of the wall. If this is too much of a change, match your hallway color scheme to the rooms on either side. This ties the transitional area to the main living spaces of your beautiful house.

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