3 Simple Christmas Decor Ideas to Make Your House Beautiful

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You love this time of year. The wreaths on streetlamps; the beautiful Facebook posts about festivals of light the world over; even the endless holiday music at the mall delights you.

Chances are, you’re a Holiday Hero.

Who are Holiday Heroes? Those of us who are here to make sure our families and guests are filled with the spirit of the season every time they walk in the door. We put greenery on all the banisters and Santa hand towels in all the bathrooms. Little elves peek out from our shelves and strands of white lights grace the gutters. In short: we’re ready.


If you still feel there’s a little something missing in your holiday decor, you’ve got time to add a little cheer before your guests arrive. Your efforts in your home will create the perfect holiday environment for your family and friends, bringing comfort and joy to them during the holidays.

Here are some room-by-room ideas for little details that will make a big difference!


First Create an Inviting Kitchen

Creating an Inviting Kitchen

Have you been waiting for exactly the right opportunity to update your kitchen? This is it. Brighten up with brand new drawer knobs, bright ones that look both seasonal and classic.

After all: if not now, when?


Then Bedazzle the Bathroom

So let’s get a little bit practical for a minute. The best way to prep your bathroom for holiday guests is to organize it. If those wreath-and-bow towels you just pulled out of the linen closet go anywhere, it shouldn’t be on haphazard hooks: it should be on a neatly organized over-the-door towel rack or a sturdy towel bar with subtle decorative finishes.

And now it’s time for the finishing touch. Anyone can put a candle on the counter. But who else but a Holiday Hero would think of more subtle ways to shape a flame?

Try a beautiful mini-lantern instead of a traditional candle, and make the old new again! Or remind yourself of the reason for the season with a sculptured votive candle holder.

A beautiful mini-lantern instead of a traditional candleA sculptured votive candle holder


Finally...Deck the Hall

You know all those extra coats that are about to adorn your hallway as you host your friends and family? Where are you planning on putting them? A true Holiday Hero has a place for everyone’s outerwear, and we can help you with that. It’s simple to add a few extra hooks, and it shows your guests you care about the little touches to make them feel welcome. Grab up a pair of these porcelain-tipped ones and think of snowflakes, or try some scrollwork that reminds us of Santa’s nice list!

And while you’re at it, what’s on the hallway table to greet your guests? Everyone’s favorite rustic holiday splurge, of course: wooden reindeer. Top them off with a Santa hat and there you go: holiday whimsy, right around the corner, waiting in your home for everyone to enjoy. Now that’s a Holiday Hero.

Moose in santa hat

As a Holiday Hero, it’s your job to bring the best of this season’s joyous feelings to everyone who enters your door. Get started now, and your outer decor will reflect your inner joy by the time the big day rolls around!