3 Easy Ways to Create a Beautiful Home

Project Ideas

There is actual brain research proving what you already knew: beautiful things create pleasure. Just like, say, chocolate. Or puppies. Beauty makes us feel good.

That’s why the beautiful details that tie a room together matter: because your home should make you happy. That plain switch plate isn’t doing you any favors, and even SCIENCE says that a prettier one would be better for you! So give yourself permission to fill your life with every lovely thing you can, especially if it’s as affordable and accessible as our hardware.

Here are three small decorative changes that could go a long way toward making you happier:

1. Get some new pillows.  Pick a bright color to liven your spirits, and you’ll be happier every time you walk in your living room.

brightly colored pillows on the couch

2. Paint just one wall.  An accent wall can draw the eye toward a color you find soothing, or exciting, or anything else you want to feel.

An accent wall that draws the eye toward a color you find soothing

3. Think about hardware.  You use your light switches dozens of times a day. Why not make a thing you look at so often as nice as it can be? Find a new, beautiful switch plate to accent that accent wall.

 beautiful switch plate to accent that accent wall

Franz Kafka said, “Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.” So keep yourself young. Look for the places around you that could use a beautiful detail or two. If you need help finding them, we’re always here.