3 Easy DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

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Farmhouse Style Kitchens


Thanks in large part to the homegrown charm of Chip and Joanna Gaines and their comfy, family-oriented designs, the farmhouse-style kitchen is one of the most popular kitchens styles in recent memory. The farmhouse-style kitchen is warm and welcoming, stylish without the slightest bit of pretension, and puts family gatherings at the center of its design. It’s no wonder they’ve become so popular!


So how do you get bring that down-home, rustic style into your own kitchen? You’re probably already thinking about the farmhouse sink, the large family-style table, or the ever-cute sliding barn door pantry. Those are important elements, but we’ve got a few suggestions for simple, inexpensive updates you can begin making this weekend!

farmhouse style kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen Updates




While there is no one set color for farmhouse-style kitchens, the most popular and easy way to bring about that farmhouse-style is to paint your cabinets and drawers a nice, crisp white, then pair them with wood tone accents elsewhere in the kitchen. If you’re feeling especially fun, try adding some rustic appeal with cabinet pulls like the 3" Classic Square Pull in a soft iron finish.


Wood Shelving


There’s nothing more visually satisfying than white cabinets with beautiful reclaimed wood shelves. To get this look, pick an empty wall or a spot above the sink for your shelf placement. Then, pick a slab of wood in the finish of your choosing and a purchase a few shelf brackets to rest the shelf on. In as little as an hour, you can have beautiful wooden shelves that perfectly accent those white cabinets.


Pulling together this look is as much about styling the shelves as it is about the shelves themselves. Display display cook books, frames containing your favorite family photos, food scales, mason jars full of flowers, or your favorite white plates.


Pots and Pans


Another way to give yourself that farmhouse-style kitchen is to display your favorite pots and pans. No matter if they’re beautiful stainless steel or sturdy cast iron, displaying them above the stove or on the wall next to the sink will give you the look that says the next meal is only an arm’s length away.


To hang up your pots and pans, screw individual hooks  into the wall or create your own pot-hanging rack by screwing hooks into reclaimed wood, then mount the wood on your wall. If you love the look, but don’t want to hang your pots and pans, you can always make yourself a coffee bar and hang your favorite mugs.


Show Us Your Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas!

You don’t have to be Chip or Joanna Gaines to create a cozy farmhouse-style kitchen. All it takes a little inspiration, a few pieces of hardware, and a coat of paint. But, we want to hear from you! Go to Instagram and post a picture to show us how you’ve pulled together your farmhouse kitchen. Use #mylibertylook. We’ll be sure to share our favorites.