3 Cabinet Knob Designs You Need For Your Home

Decorative Cabinet Hardware

Liberty Hardware offers a wide selection of cabinet knob brands and styles that will add the perfect touch to your DIY home decorating project. Though they may seem like minimal aspects of (minor design choice for) your home, the right cabinet knobs can truly tie together the decor of your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.

Find high quality Liberty brand cabinet knobs that are affordable and the perfect design choice.

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Your home's interior decor is intimately connected to the heartbeat of your family's daily life. Reflect your style with bold knob designs in your kitchen, minimal designs for your bathroom or intricate forms for your bedroom.


Bold style knobs

bold style knobbold style knobbold style knob

Bold, contemporary knobs are stylish while practical. These statement pieces add elegance and sophistication to any room of your home, including kitchens and bathrooms. While adding design flair, the true value of bold style cabinet knobs and hardware is their obvious strength and durability. Click the images to learn more about your favorite pieces from Liberty Hardware and where you can buy them!


Minimal design knobs

Minimal style knobMinimal style knobMinimal style knob

Already have intricate decor in your home? Enhance your furniture pieces with simple hardware designs. Minimal cabinet knobs will tie in your existing style while creating new personality. We recommend these sparse yet provocative styles in bedrooms and bathrooms. Shop Liberty brand minimalist pieces by clicking these images!


Decorative form knobs

Decorative form knobDecorative form knobDecorative form knob

Inspired by elegant design touches? Decorative cabinet knobs are a great way to subtly enhance your furniture pieces in ways that will make a huge style impact. Click the images to browse the wide variety of ornate decorative cabinet knobs available from Liberty Hardware!


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Shop our Liberty brand hardware pieces, designed for style and practical use. From cabinet knobs to drawer pulls, we understand that your furniture hardware should be durable, but also reflect your unique taste. Liberty Hardware Mfg. Corp is dedicated to providing artistic design and quality, all at an affordable price.

Explore the multitude of options for your cabinet knobs available now from Liberty Hardware.