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Modern bathroom

Modern home design achieves sophistication through simplicity. Majoring on clean lines, bold silhouettes, and strong shapes, it has a look that’s minimalistic, but still makes a bold statement. If you want a design that feels well-engineered and that ushers a sense of style and order into your home, modern design is for you.


If you enjoy a sense of order and simple sophistication, and want a bathroom that reflects that aesthetic, give it a modern makeover! You’ll love how the clean, minimalist design makes your space look relaxing and refined. 

modern drawer pulls
modern cabinet knob

In Good Shape

Bold, geometric shapes are another component of modern design. To make your room really pop, paint your cabinets a light neutral color, and give them this modern geometric pull (or the knobs) to reap the stylish benefits of this look!  

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modern style kitchen


A lot of life happens in the kitchen – It’s where you prepare meals for the week, your kids do their homework, and your family and friends assemble – so it should be a neat, well-ordered space you enjoy spending time in! That’s what a modern-designed kitchen gives you.

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Modern style kitchen
modern style drawer pulls

Clean and Easy

Give your kitchen a modern makeover by doing a simple knob and pull switch. It’s an easy way to add lots of strong, clean lines to the room. The shape of the 76mm Soft Modern Knob or the 76mm Soft Modern Pull will give you a sleek, modern look. 

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