Lowe's Cabinet Hardware Sample Box

Lowe's Sample Box

Have you ever wandered down the cabinet hardware aisle at Lowe’s and found yourself asking these questions: What finish do you want? Will it go with my cabinet color? Am I looking for something rustic or modern? You are not alone!

We’re here to help you make that decision easier and answer those questions without having to leave your home. Introducing the Lowe’s Cabinet Hardware Sample Box. Inspired by best selling and trending finishes and styles, each box has been curated to give you a variety of options to sample. Designed with easy selection in mind, this program is made up of 6 boxes you can choose from, order, and try at home before buying hardware for your entire space. Here's how it works.


Cabinet Hardware Sample Box


Sample Boxes

Try a few before buying hardware for the whole project with these curated boxes.

Lowe's Sample Cabinet Hardware Box in Cool Tones

Cool Tones

Perfect for making a subtle statement, the cabinet knob and drawer pull boxes (sold separately) come with 5 pieces in a brushed nickel finish. These are versatile, pairing well with most cabinet colors and homes with casual, classic or modern styles.

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Warm Tone Cabinet Hardware Sample Box

Warm Tones

Full of rich, warm tones, these boxes come with 5 cabinet knobs or drawer pulls (sold separately) that’ll give you the opportunity to try different styles in your home. The bronze tones featuring copper highlights complement lighter colored cabinets and rustic, farmhouse or traditional styled homes.

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Trending Finishes Sample Box

Trending Finishes

Inspired by the latest trends in cabinet hardware, these boxes will give you an assortment of specialty finish options that will make a statement in your kitchen or bathroom. Featured finishes include flat black, golden bronze, brushed brass, polished chrome, and dark silver iron. Each finish works well on many cabinet colors and accent most home styles.

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