Farmhouse Style Collection

White farmhouse kitchen cabinets and farmhouse apron sink with Liberty Hardware cabinet pulls

Farmhouse décor is the latest home trend to reflect the warmth of a classic country home, but with the modern, crisp style that leans chic instead of cliché. Liberty Hardware has a vast collection of hardware accents to help achieve this look. Rich finishes like oil-rubbedbronze cabinet pulls make rustic details pop, or stand out against white kitchen cabinets. For farmhouse décor ideas that tie your space together, there’s nothing like the pieces in our Farmhouse Style Collection.


The ultimate goal of a farmhouse-style kitchen is to focus on family meals, gathered around the table. When you step into a farmhouse-style kitchen, you enter a space that exudes warmth and comfort. If you’re looking for the recipe for your very own farmhouse kitchen, add a few pieces of reclaimed wood, some antique décor, and a dash of love and you’ll be well on your way. 

Kitchen farmhouse apron sink with Liberty Hardware square cabinet pulls
brown farmhouse style kitchen

Farm to Table

An apron sink isn’t the only way to achieve that dreamy farmhouse-style kitchen. Little details like soft iron cup pulls add to the utilitarian feel that has become signature in farmhouse décor, especially when paired with handsome wood finishes. 

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farmhouse style kitchen drawer pull
white farmhouse style kitchen

Strong Ties

When considering what kind of knobs and pulls to use, go with pieces that have strong lines and metal finishes. If it looks durable and like it could be used to handle hard work on the farm, you’re on the right track.  This Classic Square Cup Pull is a great example!

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farmhouse entry way


The key to achieving a farmhouse-style entryway is to marry simple style with vintage décor. Designing your entryway with a farmhouse-style look will ensure that every time you come home, you’re welcomed with a warm embrace.

farmhouse style entry way drawer pull

Welcome Home

Little details go a long way. You would be surprised how accents like these pulls will tie your room together effortlessly, and help you achieve the perfect look!

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