Brushed Nickel Finish Collection

Kitchen with Brushed Nickel Hardware

If you’re unsure about what hardware finish to give your home décor projects, brushed nickel is a time-honored and stylish bet! One of the more popular finishes on the market, brushed nickel can be dressed up for classic styles or used in more casual looks. With silver tones and yellow undertones, brushed nickel looks sophisticated in any situation.


Your kitchen deserves a look that’s just as special as the moments you create in it. By adorning your kitchen with brushed nickel hardware – knobs, pulls, hooks, and more – you’ll create a timeless, coordinated look that matches anything. It will bring your kitchen to life!

Kitchen with brushed nickel accents

Live and Love

Unlike more polished finishes, brushed nickel hides scratches, fingerprints, and stains, meaning it will look great no matter what your family throws at it.  Give your kitchen an update with the brushed nickel cup pull or Harmon knob for a stylish look that can keep up with your family’s lifestyle

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mudroom with brushed nickel accents


Your mudroom doesn’t have to be an afterthought where dirty shoes go to hide. With a fresh coat of paint and a few brushed nickel details, you can give your home’s second entrance a gorgeous look that will set the mood for the rest of the house. 

Brushed nickel hooks
brushed nicked drawer pulls and knobs

Bring it Together

An orderly mudroom is a stylish one, so add an attractive brushed nickel pilltop hook rack to your wall to keep your coats, bags, and other belongings off the floor and out of your living areas.

A simple way to upgrade any room’s style is to make sure all the details are coordinated. Cohesion is key! After you’ve hung your hook rack, install brushed nickel knobs or pulls to create a polished finishing touch.

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Bathroom with brushed nickel accents


Your morning routine sets the mood for your whole day, so ready yourself in a space that brings you delight. Incorporating brushed nickel pieces into your bathroom’s design creates a perfect every-day style that will have you looking forward to getting ready in the morning. It’s the second best thing to coffee.

brushed nickel knobs
brushed nickel pull

‘Peace’ it Together

Painting your bathroom cabinets a clean, crisp white creates a sense of openness and calm. It can add a whole new level of freshness to your bathroom. Add brushed nickel knobs and pulls to polish the look.  

brushed nickel hooks

Within Reach

Make your morning routine easier by keeping everything you need well within reach. Place a hook rack on your wall in a convenient location so that your robes, towels, and other bath items are only an arms-length away. 

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