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Why Liberty Hardware

Why choose Team Liberty? There are many things that make Liberty Hardware a great place to work, including our talented employee family, our comprehensive benefits, our dynamic culture, and more! We offer a competitive benefits package as well as other unique and often intangible perks. Take a look and see for yourself!

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Why choose Team Liberty? Here are just a few examples of what happens when great people join great companies!

Ellen LuWhat I like about Liberty is that we are not afraid of change. We are a growing company and we are constantly changing. nothing stays the same so you have to be able to adapt, embrace the change or be the change agent yourself.
— Ellen Lu, Planning Department

Jeff MathisonLiberty truly values design and innovation. We take the time to understand trends and what is important to our customers. Here at Liberty Design Studio in Chicago we take pride in creating designs that get people excited about their home décor projects. We ideate and repidly prototype ideas so we can get to the right solution efficiently but also bring a high level of quality to our products.
— Jeff Mathison, Liberty Design Studio, Chicago

Robert McCallI always felt welcome here at Liberty. As soon as I started working I felt like I had become a part of a family, and it has become like my second home...Anytime I had any type of issue, Liberty was always there to help. When you find a place where people are considerate and willing to listen to you, you have to hold on to that because not a lot of companies care like Liberty does. Plus there is always room to grow, the longer you stay here the better it gets.
— Robert McCall, Display Department


Liberty Hardware offers several summer internship positions for undergraduate and graduate students. Each intern works closely with a mentor on a deliverable project along with a variety of departmental work. Our interns also meet with various company leaders throughout the summer to discuss career development and skill growth.

  • Full-time, Compensated Internships
  • Corporate Job Shadowing Opportunities
  • Flexible Summer Work Hours
  • Casual Dress – you can wear jeans!
  • Strong Business Mentoring Possibilities

Our latest group of interns share their experiences:

My internship experience as a graphic design intern at Liberty Hardware was incredibly valuable and engaging. In just a couple of months, I felt like a valued employee and that I was making an impact in my team. The informational meetings for interns to learn about different departments of the business were interesting and helped me understand all of the moving parts behind Liberty Hardware. I was given work as if I was a full-time employee and was trusted with the responsibility to complete the jobs assigned to me. I got to collaborate with my coworkers as well as take some jobs on myself. I enjoyed going to work every day and being greeted each morning by smiling, friendly people who were also excited to start the day. I appreciated the independence my manger gave me, but also how I could always ask him or my team for help. Overall, Liberty Hardware has a strong and comprehensive internship program that gives young professionals the chance to gain experience, build their network, and learn more about the corporate world.  - Josh S.


The internship program at Liberty has been a phenomenal experience. I was treated like a member of the team, given a challenging project with the opportunity to add value, and asked to showcase the results of my project to members of the senior leadership team, who were very accessible and interested in the work being done by the company’s interns. Furthermore, the program included events that introduced us to the different teams and departments as well as provided opportunities to participate in a variety of meetings and even community service events. Lastly, a lot of companies think that they have a good culture, but Liberty is among the few I’ve found which deserve to brag about theirs; everyone I encountered was very friendly and willing to answer my questions or help in any way. I am both impressed and grateful for such a wonderful experience this summer. Thanks, Liberty! - Max D.


This summer internship experience was a huge achievement for me. This experience was not just about successfully completing a project but it was about building something, leaving something behind that will STAY and help Liberty Hardware in every possible way. It’s very rare to get an opportunity to work along such talented, hardworking, and kind people. This environment motivated me to work hard everyday and be a part of something bigger. Liberty helped me to decide what my career focus should be. Exposing myself to day to day challenges and the feeling once you overcome those is the one I cannot explain. These delightful, happy, patient, always ready to help people are the reason what makes LIBERTY A GREAT PLACE TO WORK!  - Abhinay L.


I truly enjoyed my time as a Liberty Hardware summer intern!  I was able to work hands on in my field and apply the academic knowledge I gained while in school. The casual and professional work environment allowed me to have flexibility with my schedule, work hard, and have fun. There is a great balance of independence and great leadership. Managers give you the tools you need to succeed and trust you to do the work on your own. Even if I needed additional help on a task, I felt comfortable enough to ask anyone in the office for assistance. Everyone is always willing to help!  And there is always room to learn. I appreciated the HR Overview Panels with the different departments throughout the company. My biggest win from this internship was that some of my work was published on The Home Depot website! The work I was able to complete here made me feel less like an intern and more like a valued team member. Overall, the experience and professional relationships I have gained throughout this internship, have and will continue to have, an everlasting impact on my professional career. I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to work at Liberty! I loved every minute of it! - Alycee B.


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