Installing cabinet handles | Step by step guide

Decorative Cabinet Hardware

Properly install cabinet handles and knobs with these easy-to-follow instructions. Before beginning your installation project, make sure you read all the instructions thoroughly

Once you have the tools you need and the cabinet handles and knobs to match your home's design and style, you can take the next step in your DIY home decorating project.


Cabinet hardware installation instructions

Before you begin:

  • Read the installation instructions completely before starting.
  • Take care not to scratch your cabinets and countertops while working with tools.


Tools you need:



  1. Determine where you're going to install your handles or knobs. Common locations for cabinet hardware include on the bottom left for upper cabinets, or the upper left for lower cabinets.
  2. Measure between the holes on the back of the handles to find the correct center to center spacing for the holes. 3" is the most popular spacing, but your options will depend on the size of your cabinet doors.
  3. With your ruler or tape measure, carefully measure and mark the hole locations. You can also use the reusable Liberty brand AlignRight cabinet hardware installation template to help with spacing. WARNING: If you use a power drill, always read and follow the operating and safety instructions in the power drill owner's manual and the instructions for use. Always wear safety goggles to protect your eyes and wear other appropriate safety items for protection.
  4. Place masking tape in your approximate hole locations on the front of the cabinet. Doing so can help prevent any potential damage to the cabinet front from drilling.
  5. Carefully drill through the door fronts. Go steadily and slowly, and use minimal pressure to reduce damaging or splintering the backside of your cabinet.
  6. Use a screwdriver and provided fasteners to install your new cabinet handles or knobs. (Note: Be careful not to over-tighten the screws. Cabinet hardware should only be hand tightened.)


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