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Project Ideas

Kitchen Renovation  
8/15/2017 11:07:00 AM  
Planning a kitchen remodel or renovation can seem like an daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. With a little research and planning you can get started on creating the kitchen of your dreams. Sherry, from the Savvy Apron, did just that redesigning her original kitchen into a modern farmhouse kitchen in just 6 weeks!

Follow along as she shares her DIY Kitchen Remodel Reveal that includes project plans, inspiration and a few decorative Liberty cabinet pulls, knobs and hinges for a finishing touch.  

"After wanting to update our kitchen for years, we finally bit the bullet and did it. My husband and I purchased our home 14 years ago. The home was built in the early 90’s and had oak cabinets and Formica countertops. We have so many projects that we want to do at our lake house so we wanted to keep the cost of our home kitchen remodel down as much as possible. We knew that kitchen remodels are expensive so we decided to do what we always do and try to do the work ourselves."

Read the entire DIY Kitchen Remodel Reveal by Savvy Apron

DIY Kitchen Remodel Reveal - Savvy Apron
(Photo courtesy of the Savvy Apron Blog)

8/1/2017 12:37:00 PM  
What an incredible time we had this year attending and participating in the 2017 Haven Conference as a Silver Sponsor. We met so many wonderful people during the show from DIYers, to Room Re-doers, Haven Mavens, Designers, Decorators and more! The event was spectacular showcase and meeting of DIY minds put together by the incredible Haven Team.

Delta Faucet opened the event hosting the Welcome Reception and showcasing some of their new Kitchen and Bath Faucets and Showering Products.

Checking out the @deltafaucet goodies at #havenconf!

A post shared by Jenn (@7miledesigns) on

Our Liberty Booth was All About That Gold featuring new designs and styles that coordinate for a beautiful and updated space.

Below were some of the decorative hardware products we had on display which feature the latest in finishes like gold and brushed nickel, as well as trendy materials like ceramic and glass. 

The DIY Project we partnered with BEHR Paint on was so much fun! Attendees had the opportunity to pick a serving tray or a hook rack, paint it with some of BEHR’s newest colors, then add Liberty decorative hardware as a finishing touch.

Attendees created so many unique and beautiful combinations of paint and decorative hardware to build their very own hook racks and serving trays – great job by all! Below are some of the designs created and shared via social media:

The Home Depot, this year’s Platinum Sponsor, was there enrolling DIYers and Bloggers as honorary members of the #DIYHallofFame. Each member received a patch and exclusive Home Depot swag + the opportunity to be featured on their #DIYHallofFame social media board which shared LIVE social posts from the event. See our Liberty Facebook post featured near the bottom. :)


There were 2 special winners this year at the Haven Conference! Amanda from The Kolb Corner won the Liberty & BEHR Room Makeover winning up to $500 in hardware and $250 in paint + Jennifer at 7MileDesigns won our Instagram Giveaway contest and won a $500 Home Depot Gift Card!

All in all, our 2017 Haven experience was a memorable one! We hope you left inspired, feeling All About That Gold, with new stylish ways to add touch of gold to your home. We look forward to seeing you all again next year at the 2018 Haven Conference in Charleston, SC!

In the meantime, if you’re interested in working with us on an upcoming DIY project you have planned – send us a message on our Liberty Brand Ambassadors form or contact our product design and coordination specialists directly via email: Allie Tyler or Sondie Blackmon

7/18/2017 11:06:00 PM  

Liberty will be All About That Gold this year as we look forward to attending the 2017 Haven Conference. We're excited to once again be a part of the premiere DIY/Home Blogger Conference. This year we'll be on-site in the Main Hall, right next to BEHR Paint, showcasing new, stylish ways to add a touch of gold to your home! 

Haven Conference - Liberty
As the leader in decorative hardware, we offer beautiful products for every taste, project. From decorative cabinet knobs and pulls, decorative wall plates and hooks, to decorative bath accessories, we can help bring your vision to life. Our Liberty Design Experts will on-site and ready to help advise on which products can coordinate with your tastes and style. View some of the products will have on display at the booth on our Haven Conference page

You won’t want to miss the fun, easy projects we have in store for you to create and enjoy! Stop by for the opportunity to create your very own Hook Rack using decorative cabinet hardware, decorative hooks and BEHR Paint. We've put together a detailed list of decorative hardware and paint options we'll have on-site, plus provided instructions on how to create this DIY Hook Rack yourself at home. View project details and materials.

Liberty DIY Hook Rack Project Finished - Haven 2017

The fun doesn't stop there - we have 2 unique social media participation events that will be running during the conference of which you can win prizes!

Liberty Scavenger Hunt: Participation and prize rules are simple. Have an Instagram account? You're half way there! While at the Haven Conference find our "Gold Man" who will be weraring white pants with a gold tool belt, painted gold from the torso up. Once you've found him, simply snap a selfie with the "Gold Man" and post your picture to Instagram. Tag us @Liberty.Brand and include hashtags #HavenConf #AllAboutThatGold in your post. Then come by our booth to share your picture and collect your prize! View Official Rules.

Liberty Gift Card Giveaway
: Keep an eye out for a unique post on our @Liberty.Brand Instagram account where we'll be giving away a $500 Home Depot Gift Card. To enter, Like the published post and your entered! We'll then choose 1 Instagrammer that liked the post, at randowm, and reward them with a $500 Home Depot Gift Card. View Official Rules.

Finally, if you're a DIYer and interested in working with Liberty we'd love to meet you! Stop by our booth and say hi to talk products, projects and more. Or visit our Haven Conference event page and fill out the Liberty Brand Ambassador form and we'll be in touch!

Liberty Brand Ambassador - Contact Form

                                                                        We look forward to seeing you at Haven!

DIY Projects  
7/18/2017 10:17:00 PM  
Creating your own Hook Rack can be a fun, affordable DIY Project to add a little personal style to your home's decor. Best part, you can get started with only a few supplies. A little hardwood, BEHR Paint and decorative hardware and hooks and you're on your way.

We've created a simple 'How To' for you to follow that details all of materials and tools needed for this project. Below are are a few of the finished samples we created which turned out beautifully!

Liberty DIY Hook Rack Project - Haven Conference 2017

Project materials:

Weathered Hardwood Board available at The Home Depot

Liberty Satin Nickel Post Hook

Liberty Satin Nickel Anchor Cabinet Knob

Liberty Soft Iron Industrial Craftsman Wall Hook

Liberty Soft Iron Vintage Spigot Cabinet Knob

Liberty Pink Ceramic Rose Cabinet Knob

Liberty Alysse Satin Nickel Cabinet Knob

Liberty Ruavista Champagne Bronze Coat and Hat Hook

BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Interior Hi-Gloss Enamel Spring Stream PPU12-07

BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Interior Hi-Gloss English Channel PPU14-19

Liberty Hook Rack Project - Haven Conference 2017

  • Drill with drill bits (Use a smaller drill bit when doing hooks and slightly larger for the knob)
  • Paint brush or roller
  • 8x32 x 5/8” machine screws (Use on knobs)
  • #8x1/2” wood screws (Use on Hooks)
  • Knobs
  • Hooks
  • Paint

Step 1: Drill Holes for Knobs and/or Hooks

Liberty DIY Hook Rack Project - Haven 2017

First, measure out evenly your knobs and hooks on the wood rail. Mark your spots and pick the correct drill bit for your drill (You can do this by matching up the end of the drill bit to the end of the screw). Then drill your holes based on where you made your drill marks.

You don’t have to use all hooks or all knobs, you can mix it up and use both, just remember not to use the same drill bit for different pieces of hardware.

Step 2: Paint

Liberty DIY Hook Rack Painting - Haven 2017

Once the holes are drilled you can paint your unfinished wood rail. Choose a color that matches your décor, hardware or just something that speaks to you. BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Interior Hi-Gloss is a great line of paint to choose from and has many options. Use a paint brush or roller to paint on 2 -3 coats (No need to paint the back as that will not be shown).

Step 3: Add Knobs and/or Hooks

Liberty DIY Hook Rack Hardware - Haven 2017

Add your hardware to your rail. If you are using knobs, place your machines screws in the holes from the back of the rail and then twist on the knob until tight (you might want to tighten further with a screw driver). If you are using hooks, place the hook in place where you can see the holes on the board line up with the holes on the front of the hook and screw the wood screws in from the front of the rail (again, a screw driver or drill might help to tighten your screws).

Step 4: Style and Enjoy!

Liberty DIY Hook Rack Project Finished - Haven 2017

Once you've completed your own Hook Rack, we'd love to see your completed project! Snap a photo and share it with us on Facebook or Instagram using hashtag #MyLibertyLook

Project Ideas  
7/5/2017 12:56:00 PM  
How a few organizing tricks can declutter your home, health and life

Did you know that getting organized can do more than make your home look nice? It’s true. Studies have shown that cleaning and organizing your space can have a positive impact on productivity, stress, and your overall wellbeing.  Take control of your clutter, with a few simple tips and tricks from Liberty. Less mess, less stress with Liberty

Almost 50% of Americans believe that cleanliness and organization at home are among their top five stressors. Ever wonder how clutter is affecting your life?
  • A recent study showed that people with organized homes had less physical symptoms like stress, exhaustion and depression than those with cluttered homes.
  • Clutter is linked with higher levels of anxiety that can negatively impact your immune system, heart, and other important bodily functions.
  • Clutter is more than just the physical “stuff” lying around, clutter can cause your senses to work and focus on it creating extra work for your brain!
  • On average people spend 55 minutes a day up to 12 days of the year looking for misplaced items.
  • Nearly 23% of adults don’t pay their bills on time because they lose them.
  • It isn’t just extra stuff in your home, it’s extra stuff to think about too and can cause your senses to work and focus on things that aren’t necessary!
Cleanliness is a top 5 stressor Is this enough to stress you out? Don't worry!  We've compiled a few tips and tricks to help you start to get more organized, feel more calm and relaxed and take control of your clutter!

1. Start with your entryway:  If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the entryway is the pulse.  Your entryway is the area in your home for coming and going, is often a shared space in your home, and can become a drop zone filled with clutter.  There are a few simple adjustments to your entry way that can make a big difference: 

a. Designate Space: Whether each person in the family receives their own space, or this is a shared area - make sure you have carved out some room for all the stuff that gets contained here.

b. Get the Stuff Off the Floor:  Try using decorative hooks and hook racks to hang items instead of collecting them in piles.  Give each person enough hooks to control their items such as hats, scarves, backpacks, purses, etc.

c. Control the Shoes: Shoes tend to be one of the largest collection piles and can easily be forgotten and tripped over.  Try small cubbies to contain each pair, or a low mounted hook rack close to the floor to hang shoes on.  You can even set out trays to place shoes during messier seasons.

d. Ready to Go:  Nothing is more time-consuming, frustrating or stressful than searching for your keys when you are on your way out the door!  A big benefit to having your entryway organized is that it makes your house when everything you need to leave is in one central location!  Use a stylish key hook and keep all your items together and close to the door for a quick getaway.

e.  Don't forget the Mail:  Bills, junk mail, magazines, they all tend to come through the front door and stay right in the entry way adding to the clutter.  Try using the industrial basket with coat hooks as a mail organizer.  Sort and toss the un-needed items as soon as you walk in and store the items you do need in easy to access baskets.  You can add multiple baskets for additional layers of organization.

Start simple in the entryway to kick start your organization and reclaim your space!  Remember, even the smallest changes can make a big impact.

Project Ideas  
6/8/2017 8:43:00 AM  
While you’re not someone who follows the latest fickle trends, you’re thrilled to see that home décor enthusiasts have once again embraced the luxurious elegance of brass and marble.

If you’re the type of person who thinks red lipstick and monogramed towels will never go out of fashion, then our Luxe Style Statement Collection is for you. You think your home should reflect your style, and your style is refined sophistication.

This collection includes pieces that are both on-trend and timeless – like you. Strong lines, luxurious glass knobs, and architectural style molding exude elegance that both traditional and glam enthusiasts alike will admire. You don’t have to spend a million dollars to give your home touches of high end flair.

Pieces from the Luxe Collection are the perfect way to add on-trend glamorous touches to pieces you already own.

For instance, a basic entryway table will be completely restyled with any of our Luxe pulls (we suggest the Fluted, Soho or Dual Mount Taryn). Your next project? Adding a gorgeous new hook rail in shades of Champagne Bronze and Vintage Black to your entry way.  Your guests will marvel at your high sense of style as they walk into your newly refreshed foyer.

The Luxe Style Statement Collection strikes a perfect balance of timeless and “of the moment” and will help you create a look that both you and your guests will love. Just remember, nobody will know you didn’t break the bank to create the look of a show home!

Project Ideas  
6/1/2017 7:50:00 AM  

Is Martha Stewart your spirit animal?  Do you swoon over the clean charm of wainscoting and the preppy look of classic American style? Do you take pride in growing your own garden?

If you do, then you’re probably the type of person who values family time, loves summer road trips to both the country and the coast, and always favors handmade over store bought.

You don’t have to live in Nantucket to capture the essence this casual, laid back lifestyle.  With our Style Statement Cottage Collection, you can create this feeling in your own home.

Our cottage-inspired hardware line features crisp white beadboard details, homey ceramic pieces, nautical inspiration, and effortlessly casual finishes such as brushed nickel, polished chrome and oil rubbed bronze.

For cottage style with a modern twist, our Mandara hook rail may be just the thing you need to hang up your gardening hat after a day of planting fresh flowers. With clean lines and a vibrant deep blue finish, it’s both sleek and timeless. 

For a bit of whimsy, our Octopus hook is both playful and practical. The tentacles beckon to be adorned with colorful beach towels while the soft aqua blue color is reminiscent of a crystal-clear summer sky.

With our Style Statement Cottage Collection, you’re able to invoke a calm and quaint feeling for anyone who steps over the threshold of your home. The Cottage Collection offers elements that help you give your home a relaxed, natural ambiance that is ideal for casual decor. Incorporating any pieces of the Cottage Collection line will have you daydreaming of lazy summer days on your front porch.

Welcome home.

Project Ideas  
5/18/2017 2:39:00 PM  

Your favorite color is pink and you own more plants than furniture. Does this sound familiar?  If so, you are a lover of all things unique and vintage. 

You think no room is complete without a colorful rug, and every decorative accent tells a story. To you, style is all about expressing yourself and you refuse to be put in a box.

As for the place you call home? It’s flirty and feminine and never without a touch of color. Elevate your home’s charm by incorporating fun and whimsical pieces from our Vintage Style Statement Collection.

Home décor doesn’t have to be boring.  In fact, there is no better place than your personal haven to showcase your personality and love of all things nature. This is exactly why our Vintage Style Statement Collection will speak to you. 

Our linen hook rail is the perfect home for your stockpile of vintage scarves and the luxurious texture of the rail will blend beautifully with other natural elements of your room.

Have you always yearned for a place to display your artful collection of jewelry? By mounting our romantic scroll rail in either your powder room or bedroom, you have a storage solution that is as pretty as the arrangement adorning it. Its scrolled hooks are perfect for lighter items such as necklaces, hair accessories, or purses.

Add a romantic accent to your bedroom with our French romantic bail pulls. These pieces add a unique finishing touch and the patina finishes add an artistic element. Your thrift store dresser will transform to a family heirloom in an instant.

You’ll feel like you’ve brought your garden inside with our flower hook. Available in both creamy ivory and fresh pink, the handmade details feel like a piece you’d buy in an art gallery. Hang several together to blend function and art in your home.

Our Vintage Style Statement Collection helps tell the story you want your home to convey. To you, vintage isn’t “old” — it’s fantastically and agelessly charming.

Project Ideas  
5/12/2017 2:50:00 PM  

Handsome, worn and authentic are the words you’d use to describe your home. You’re someone who loves modern amenities but appreciates aged decorative elements that are rough around the edges and showcase the artisanship that goes into their design.

You appreciate the beauty of aged brick and prefer to own a few high-quality originals versus over stuffing your home with cookie cutter reproductions.  Whether you live in a small town or big city, your home reflects your love of all things industrial and modern. 

Sound like you? Refresh your modern style with our Industrial Style Statement Collection. Accented by functional design elements and schoolhouse decorative details, it’s a collection that personifies subtle sophistication without being fussy or cliché.

A perfect complement to your butcher-block countertops and subway-tiled kitchen backsplash is our 3” bar pull. While our flat black finish sets the perfect tone for industrial style, we also have a wide variety of additional tones, from bright chrome to rich bronze to complement your look.

Let your entryway serve a purpose by fastening our
industrial basket with hooks next to your front door. Voila: the perfect place to hang family coats and your furry friend’s leash, as well as a spot to store keys and mail. Being organized now no longer means sacrificing style!

You may not live in an urban loft or reclaimed farmhouse but you can certainly create the feeling of one with pieces from our Industrial Style Statement Collection. Functional doesn’t have to be boring and pretty doesn’t have to be pretentious. 

Decorative Cabinet Hardware  
2/14/2017 7:53:00 AM  

What if you could enjoy the allure, richness, and delight of chocolate all year round — without the calories? You can with bronze pieces from our Liberty Hardware Collections. 

Each year on Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and your birthday you look forward to the chocolatey treats you’ll receive — and with good reason. There’s nothing like the joy that a velvety smooth piece of dark chocolate brings. And as the world well knows, chocolate goes with everything. (Fruit, ice cream, and pastries have long been drizzled in it much to widespread delight.)

Liberty Cocoa Bronze Home Hardware - Valentine's

Our bronze pieces don’t just share chocolate’s color and richness, but also its versatility. Choose from venetian bronze (dark chocolate), cocoa bronze (milk chocolate), or bronze with copper highlights (chocolate with caramel, if you will.) 

Liberty Cocoa Bronze Home Hardware - Valentine's Chocolates 

The finishes are as enticing as they are lavish, making any room where a bronze piece is used evoke a sense of romantic charm. You’ll be transported to cobblestone Grecian streets each time you open a cabinet adorned with one of our traditional statutary bronze Capital knobs. Marilyn Monroe would be jealous of your powder room with its sophisticated Addison towel ring, and adding one of our cocoa bronze wall plates will bring instant warmth to any room.

Liberty Cocoa Bronze Home Hardware - Valentine's Gifts

Each time you come across a bronze detail in your home you’ll be filled with the same sense of pleasure you get from a bite of your favorite Hershey’s bar – only this time you’ll be relishing in the chocolately delight of our Liberty hardware collections. 

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