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Project Ideas

DIY Projects  
10/12/2017 2:04:00 PM  

Looking to add some additional storage space to your home office, living room or work space? Look no further than this 18 drawer apothecary cabinet designed and built by Cami on the Tidbits Blog. This multi-drawer apothecary cabinet offers ample storage space and doubles as a workspace. 

Designed to have a slight vintage feel, almost antique appearance, Cami wanted her new build to feel a bit old. See her go-to painting techniques and step-by-step tutorial on 'How To' create a vintage painted finish on new wood. The final finish came out looking beautiful!

To coordinate and compliment the vintage paint finish, Cami chose the bold yet simple, Liberty Awning Cup Pull in polished nickel to add a sophisticated finishing touch. The soft, silver color and unique design really pop and make a statement on this cabinet. We love your selection Cami!

DIY Apothecary Cabinet - Tidbits

                                                                               (Photo courtesy of Tidbits)
                                                                    Read the entire article on the Tidbits Blog

DIY Projects  
10/12/2017 1:17:00 PM  
When it comes to completing a refurbished furniture project, adding new decorative cabinet hardware can be the final touch that truly completes the look. 

Shelly, over at 100ThingsDo.ca, shared her experience about the impact that decorative cabinet hardware can with her latest project, a bookshelf makeover for her home office

She wanted to add a touch of gold to her new bookshelves so she spray painted her drawer pulls with gold spray paint. A few weeks later, she noticed that the finish had chipped and scratched off of the drawer pulls. We came to the rescue and provided Shelly with new Liberty square bar pulls in champagne bronze, the 2017 Finish of the Year, to add that gold look she so desired for her home office. The final results of the completed project came out beautifully and the new cabinet pulls add an upscale look and feel! Thanks Shelly for sharing your new #MyLibertyLook with us!
Home Office - Bookshelf Makeover

                                                                               (Photo courtesy of 100Things2Do)
                                                                    Read the entire article on the 100Things2Do Blog

Have a project update of your own using new deocorative hardware from Liberty? Share it with us on your favorite social site using #MyLibertyLook - we'd love to see your results!

Kitchen Renovation  
10/10/2017 11:10:00 AM  

Modernizing the kitchen of an older home can be a challenging project, yet when done planfully with an eye for design, it can produce stunningly profound results.

Emily Henderson, a design/style based company, did exactly that to a clients 1930's home by transforming an outdated kitchen into a modernized kitchen, bringing in some traditional elements that complimented the home's history and architecture. 

What we love most about this kitchen renovation is the inclusion of brass tones via the fixtures and cabinet hardware. It adds a timeless feel sure to be trend right for years to come. Adding a touch of style with brass hardware gives the cabinets an upscale look and feel.

Want to achieve similar look in your home? View some of the latest styles and designs of Liberty decorative cabinet pulls to compliment your very own modern kitchen renovation. 

Modern Deco Kitchen Intro by Emily Henderson

                                                                               (Photo courtesy of Emily Henderson)
                                                                    Read the entire article on the Emily Henderson Blog

DIY Projects  
10/6/2017 10:25:00 AM  
Updating a space and adding finishing touches to make it feel more like home can be rewarding. It provides you with that sense of calm and comfort allowing you to better enjoy your surroundings. 

In the case of Hudson and Emily, a husband and wife on an RV Renovation mission, their home was their old RV they were renovating while traveling across the country. 

They chose to add bath accessories from the Lynwood Collection, a Shower Caddy with Incredigrip Pads and Architectural Wall Plates to add a modern look, while providing ample storage and funcionality. See how in the post below, all of the updates they made to their bathroom helped to maximize space and make it feel as homey as possible.

RV Bathroom Hardware Upgrade - Hudson and Emily

                                                                               (Photo courtesy of Hudson and Emily)
                                                                    Read the entire article on the Hudson and Emily Blog

Bath Storage and Organization  
10/3/2017 9:40:00 AM  

The bathroom is one of the highest traffic areas in your home and is often shared with multiple people. It’s the place where you do your makeup or shave your beard in the morning and the spot where you brush your teeth at night before going to bed. 

From your vanity or shower covered in hair care and hygiene products, to stacks of miscellaneous magazines or towels around the toilet — people are always seeking ways to corral their items. Your busy life can leave your bathroom a chaotic mess, but you can keep life simple with bathroom organization. 

With a few simple updates, you can arrange your space and turn your bathroom into an organized oasis without breaking the bank. Read how you can bring order to four key areas of your bathroom. 
Get Organized. Be Happy.

Tub & Shower

Shampoo, conditioner, and soap — oh my! 

Bathroom tubs and showers rarely offer much storage space other than a slick ledge or two. Forget storage solutions with weak adhesive strips or slippery suction cups. IncrediGrip products are stronger and more useful than any adhesive you’ve ever seen. The Incredigrip shower caddy and our two-tier basket stick to smooth, dry, non-porous surfaces like mirrors, ceramic tiles, or fiberglass shower walls. IncrediGrip products provide instant storage in hard-to-use areas for all your lotions and potions! With a surface bond that increases over time, it’s the only organizational option you’ll ever need for your hygiene products and you’ll enjoy the luxurious feeling of bath time with your spa essentials right within reach.

From storage baskets to shower caddies, Franklin Brass® tub and shower products make one of life’s best luxuries even more inviting.

Toilet Solutions

The back of the toilet is often seen as an extension of the bathroom counter top. Take advantage of the space with storage solutions that will keep things like extra rolls of tissue and magazines close by. Over-the-Tank Storage is a chic solution for small spaces and/or the need for extra storage. Organize and store rolls of toilet paper, wet wipes, reading materials, and other personal items with ease. Add a pretty candle and a stylish succulent and your toilet instantly becomes a beautiful bathroom centerpiece, rather than an awkward eyesore. 

Toilet paper is a must, so why not do it in style? Freestanding Toilet Paper Holders offer the perfect blend of form and function and provide toilet paper storage in exactly the place you most need it — right next to you. Don’t get caught without a roll or struggle with the spring on your wall-mounted dispenser ever again.

By adding toilet storage solutions, you can take advantage of every inch of your bathroom — even in the unexpected places.

You've got an unused storage space: your toilet.

Towel Management

There’s nothing worse than stepping out of a soothing shower and right into an uncomfortable towel that’s either stiff and scruffy or soggy and wet from not being hung properly. Over 50 percent of consumers have three or more towels in use in their bathroom on any given day! It’s time to tame those towels and turn your bathroom from a locker room situation to a spa-like sanctuary. 

Over-the-door towel racks alleviate towel storage problems, offering attractive organization for your towels, robes, sponges and more. With no installation required, they hang easily over all residential doors and provide the perfect solution for smaller bathrooms with limited wall space.

Additionally, decorative individual hooks and robe hooks offer practical and decorative storage solutions for managing your towels and other items, allowing you to create a bathroom that reflects your personal style.

Franklin Brass® is here to solve one of your biggest bathroom challenges: damp towels.


Vanity & Mirror Area

With hair accessories, lotions and hygiene products galore, the counter and under the vanity areas are often war zones. The lipstick is fighting for space with the nail polish and the hair dryer is vying for space against the electric razor. Keep everything organized to make sure your morning routine runs smoothly each day. 

Tired of reaching into your cluttered cabinet for the hairdryer? Want a better a way to organize under the sink?

Free up some counter space with a Haircare Holster. If your blow dryer and curling iron have taken over you counter in a tangled mess, this will save the day. Turning unused space like your mirror into storage perfection, it organizes your hair care must-haves with horizontal or vertical mounting capabilities! You’ll be able to blow dry, straighten, spray and go in no time. 

Create instant storage in a discreet location with our Over-the-Cabinet Accessory Holder. Not only does it provide storage that can be hidden away, but you’ll have a happier morning grabbing frequently used items from the multi-use tray instead of spending 10 minutes searching for what you need. 

Admit it: You thought there was no good way to organize the clutter on your counter.
Whether you’re looking to tackle just one of these areas or are in need of a total bathroom organizational overhaul, achieving organizational bliss is within reach. Arranging your bathroom in an easily accessible way that’s easy to maintain doesn’t have to take days to set up. Once complete, you may even realize that your bathroom has become your favorite room in your home!


Bath Hardware  
9/29/2017 3:21:00 PM  

Believe it or not, one weekend's time is all you need to update your Bathroom and give it a whole new look!

Alexi Politis of Seeking Alexi did exactly that and shared her master bathroom makeover in just five steps on The Home Depot Blog. Check out the Before / After and see all of the supplies she used to transform her Bathroom into a beautiful oasis.  

5 Master Bathroom Updates You Can Do In No Time  
                                                                                    (Photo courtesy of Alexi Politis)

                                                                        Read the entire article on The Home Depot Blog

Drawer Slides  
9/29/2017 11:57:00 AM  

Self-taught building expert and official drawer slide aficionado, Ana White, recently embarked on a Tiny House build. As with any Tiny House, storage capacity and spacing providing direct challenges, especially with pantry items near the kitchen.

To solve this storage dilemma, Ana built a sliding cabinet in the entryway, using Liberty full extension drawer slides, to add extendable storage space.

View her plans and see the complete list of materials needed to tackle this concept in your own home! 

Slide out cabinet for tiny house - designed and built by Ana White

                                                                                   (Photo courtesy of  Ana White)

Decorative Cabinet Hardware  
9/8/2017 2:52:00 PM  
Little updates to small spaces in your home can have a dramatic impact on the look and feel of a room. Adding a little paint and new decorative cabinet hardware can truly create a beautiful before and after.

That's exactly the case for Rita on her How Fantastic Blog, where she updated her closet doors with new BEHR Paint and Liberty Decorative Cabinet Pulls to give her closet doors a new look. Check out the before and after below and visit her blog for full project details

Closet Makeover: Before and After - How Fantastic

(Photo courtesy of How Fantastic)

Decorative Cabinet Hardware  
9/5/2017 10:25:00 PM  

The Home Depot Blog recently published an excellent article on their blog talking about the latest styles, finishes and trends in knobs, cabinet and dawer pulls, handles sets and more.

Check out these mood boards based on new decor trends in hardware tones and finishes and how they’re combined.

Your cabinet hardware– the knobs, handles, drawer pulls– is often the last thing you think about when you’re creating the look of your home decor. But cabinet hardware can play a major role in getting the decor look you want. It can be the finishing touch on a well-put-together room. Replacing some or all of your hardware is also an easy way to freshen up the look of your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or even your front door.

In these mood boards, you’ll see paint colors, tile selections and even house numbers, too, so you can apply these decor ideas anywhere in your home, inside or out.

New Decor Trends in Hardware - Bronze with Brushed Nickel                                                 
(Photo courtesy of The Home Depot)

Read the entire article on The Home Depot Blog

Kitchen Renovation  
8/31/2017 10:00:00 PM  

Setting a project budget at the start of a kitchen remodel is important. It provides you with a baseline for project materials, updates and time. Read the following blog post below from Delta Faucet that provides insight into projects to tackle in the kitchen along based on your budget.

Think you can’t afford a kitchen renovation? Think again. Tamara Myers, a principal at Philadelphia design-build firm Myers Constructs, shares the design changes you can make at every price point.

Discover How Much of a Kitchen Makeover you can Afford
                                                                                     (Photo courtesy of Delta Faucet)

Have $5,000? Start by …

• ... peeling off that flowery chintz wallpaper someone hung in 1986, and painting the walls a light, fresh hue.

• Now’s also a good time to pull down dusty drapery and hang a clean Roman shade.

• Shed some light on your space! Your kitchen is probably already equipped with overhead lights, so install task lighting—say, under-cabinet lights, or a chic pendant strung over the island—that can double as warm ambient lighting at nighttime.

• Switch out old cabinet hardware. “Make the least invasive change,” Myers advises. “If your existing knob has just one screw, find a new knob with only one screw so you don’t have to drill new holes.”

Read the entire article on DeltaFaucet.com

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