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Decorative Cabinet Hardware  
2/14/2017 7:53:00 AM  

What if you could enjoy the allure, richness, and delight of chocolate all year round — without the calories? You can with bronze pieces from our Liberty Hardware Collections. 

Each year on Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and your birthday you look forward to the chocolatey treats you’ll receive — and with good reason. There’s nothing like the joy that a velvety smooth piece of dark chocolate brings. And as the world well knows, chocolate goes with everything. (Fruit, ice cream, and pastries have long been drizzled in it much to widespread delight.)

Liberty Cocoa Bronze Home Hardware - Valentine's

Our bronze pieces don’t just share chocolate’s color and richness, but also its versatility. Choose from venetian bronze (dark chocolate), cocoa bronze (milk chocolate), or bronze with copper highlights (chocolate with caramel, if you will.) 

Liberty Cocoa Bronze Home Hardware - Valentine's Chocolates 

The finishes are as enticing as they are lavish, making any room where a bronze piece is used evoke a sense of romantic charm. You’ll be transported to cobblestone Grecian streets each time you open a cabinet adorned with one of our traditional statutary bronze Capital knobs. Marilyn Monroe would be jealous of your powder room with its sophisticated Addison towel ring, and adding one of our cocoa bronze wall plates will bring instant warmth to any room.

Liberty Cocoa Bronze Home Hardware - Valentine's Gifts

Each time you come across a bronze detail in your home you’ll be filled with the same sense of pleasure you get from a bite of your favorite Hershey’s bar – only this time you’ll be relishing in the chocolately delight of our Liberty hardware collections. 

Project Ideas  
1/26/2017 9:12:00 AM  

If you're like most of us, you don't think about your bathroom as a hazardous place -- especially not if you're a younger person. But we did a little research for Bath Safety Month, and it turns out that bathroom injuries are much more common than you think, for all kinds of people. Read on to find out exactly how common and learn the easy steps you can take to keep yourself safer! 

(Click the infographic below to download a printable-version)

Bath Safety Month Infographic, bathroom safety, bath safety, bath safety month, don't slip, watch your step, be safe, install grab bars, bathroom injuries, fall injury

To learn more about available Bath Safety products for your home, visit here. For more information and tips on how to make your home a safe place for all ages and areas of the bathroom, visit our Bathroom Safety board on Pinterest.

1/9/2017 11:32:00 AM  

Come visit Liberty Hardware at Booth W2385 January 10-12, 2017 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL at the 2017 KBIS Show. This year we’ll be on-site showcasing new Decorative Cabinet Hardware, Decorative Wall Plates, Bath and Bath Safety Hardware that help Innovate, Inspire, and Impact lives for the better. 

Liberty Hardware - KBIS 2017

Here are some of the featured products that we’ll have on display at the Booth:

Decorative Cabinet Hardware

Luxe Collection

Inspired by high end, classic design styles with a sophisticated detail and appeal, the Style Statement Luxe Collection offers decor elements that include bold lines, beaded details and architectural style molding on hook rails. Ideal for traditional or glam style decor themes, the Luxe Collection features finishes like rich cut glass, Champagne Bronze and Polished Nickel, rich vintage black and warm grey wood tones.  Design with confidence and create a seamless, upscale look throughout your home, effortlessly coordinating knobs, pulls, hooks, hook rails, and wall plates.

Luxe Collection - Decorative Cabinet Hardware - KBIS 2017

Cottage Collection

Inspired by crisp, clean and natural elements in home decor, the Style Statement Cottage Collection offers nautical elements that give your home a relaxed, coastal vibe. Accented by sea life, boating icons, rope details and naturally aged finishes that include Satin Nickel, Statuary Bronze, White Ceramic and pops of Navy Blue, this collection is ideal for casual decor.  The Cottage inspired style compliments many home decors to create a simple, seamless look coordinating knobs, pulls, hooks, hook rails, and wall plates.

Cottage Collection - Decorative Cabinet Hardware - KBIS 2017

Myrcella Collection

Crafted for timeless durability and style, the Myrcella Collection offers unique character and style.  The bold lines and intricate detailing provide a decorative finishing touch to your cabinetry.  Whether you prefer the classic look of farmhouse bin pulls, or a more eclectic Asian influence, Myrcella has hardware that is sure to complement your style.  View the entire collection available in smoky Heirloom Silver, upscale Polished Nickel, or rustic Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Myrcella Collection - Decorative Cabinet Hardware

Campaign Hardware Collection

Inspired by the elegance of war-era trunk hardware, the Campaign Hardware collection gives cabinetry a boldly modern look. The beauty of these pieces is matched by their engineering ingenuity. These handles have a unique system that allow them to mount externally, like traditional hardware. Enjoy the bold look of campaign hardware without complicated installation. Available in today’s most desired finishes – smoky Heirloom Silver, rustic Warm Chestnut, sleek Bayview Brass, and classic Satin Nickel.

Campaign Hardware - Decorative Cabinet Hardware

Decorative Wall Plates

Classic Architecture Collection

Inspired by the classic lines of traditional American design, the Classic Architecture collection adds a statement of subtle elegance to your home’s décor. The quiet sophistication of this collection brings a designer accent to any room without stealing the spotlight. Shown featured in Venetian Bronze, this finish is ideal for warm toned walls, such as taupe, warm green or shades of brick red.

Architectural Collection - Decorative Wall Plates

Classic Lace Collection

Inspired by intricate lacework popular in the Victorian era, the Classic Lace Wall Plate collection adds traditional detail to your home’s décor. Add a timeless look The Sponged Copper finish creates a unique accent to coordinate with light to medium warm neutral paint tones. They’re easy to install, add a timeless look.

Lace Collection - Decorative Wall Plates

Classic Beaded Collection

The classic styling of the Classic Beaded Wall Plate collection is inspired by the detailed metal works of ages past. This collection can add an upscale feel with a statement of elegance to your home’s décor.   The Bronze with Copper Highlights finish is ideal for warm toned walls, such as taupe, warm green or shades of brick red.

Beaded Collection - Decorative Wall Plates

Bath Hardware

Maxted Bath Hardware Collection

The Franklin Brass Maxted collection has proven to be design favorite with residential and commercial designers, quickly making this design a contemporary classic. To broaden the suite, new key extension pieces have been added to this lasting collection - Maxted Double Arm Toilet Paper Holder, Maxted Single Arm Toilet Paper Holder and a Maxted Towel Shelf.  Available in both the brilliant Polished Chrome and the soft, warm Satin Nickel, these collection extensions coordinate beautifully with the entire Maxted family of bathroom accessories.

Maxted Bath Hardware Collection

Voisin Bath Hardware Collection

The Franklin Brass Voisin collection, known for it’s modern design and congruous lines, has also become a favorite with residential and commercial designers. To enhance the collection, new extension pieces have been developed - the Voisin Double Arm Toilet Paper Holder, Voisin Single Arm Toilet Paper Holder, Voisin Towel Shelf and Voisin ADA Decorative Grab Bar.  These collection extension pieces coordinate beautifully with the entire Voisin family of bathroom accessories and are available in the both brilliant Polished Chrome and the soft, warm Satin Nickel.

Voisin Bath Hardware Collection

Join us, won’t you, at this can’t miss event! Stop by our Liberty Hardware booth W2385 and say hello. We’d love to meet and hear your feedback on our products.

Liberty Hardware 2017 Trade Catalog 

For more information on these and other featured products, download the Liberty Hardware 2017 Trade Sales Catalog.


Project Ideas  
12/27/2016 1:24:00 PM  

You know which Full House character you’d be. You’ve nailed down your spirit animal. But what would you say if we asked the name of the style that represents the real, inner you?

Try one of these: Cottage. Industrial. Luxe. Vintage. They’re the four new Liberty Style Statement product lines featured exclusively at Home Depot, and one of them will make you feel right at home.

So read on, and when you get to the style that makes your soul sit up and smile, remember: you can find it exclusively at Home Depot!


Your favorite day involves sun, sand and a drink in your hand. You’re your friends’ go-to girl when they need to de-stress and remember that life can be simple and fun. Keepin’ it casual — that’s you to a T. And for some reason, you can’t get enough of gold braiding!

If this is you, it’s time to try our Cottage collection. From crisp white ceramic drawer pulls to blue-accented wall hooks, this collection of simple details evokes the gentle pull of the ocean, no matter how far from the sea you may be.

The Liberty Style Statement Cottage Collection evokes the gentle pull of the ocean,no matter how far from the sea you may be.


Nothing moves you like talking to your grandmother about her days on the farm...but you do it smartphone in hand. You love a good butcher-block counter, drink french press coffee, and cook from copper pots, all to a soundtrack playing from your wireless speakers. Your roots are the reason you have a taste for the now.

Sound familiar? Then try our Industrial collection. It’s the perfect blend of rustic and modern. Pair nickel door knobs with aged wood hooks, and come up with a look that’s as unique as you are.

The Liberty Style Statement Industrial Collection is the perfect blend of rustic and modern for your home.


When you were young, you yearned to live in Manhattan, and you never forget Coco Chanel’s famous advice: always take off an accessory before you leave the house. Your baseboards are pristine, your hand towels are ironed, and your boots are black leather. The world is your oyster.

Yes? Yes. Then surround yourself with sophistication. The elegant product line includes details like rich cut glass drawer pulls and Champagne Bronze hook rails with strong-lined, architectural accents. Remember: Everything good goes well with black, including Luxe line hardware.

The Liberty Style Statement Luxe Collection offers sophistication and elegance as the architectural accessory to your home.


Your long, flowered scarf gusts up in the September wind as you hurry to the car, latte in hand. The backseat is full of books as usual. You’re on the phone planning a girls’ Friday night, because you’re the fun one, full of ideas. Your secret favorite movie: the Princess Bride.

Put your nature on display with the bright, playful, feminine details in the Vintage hardware collection. From linen-wrapped hook rails to bright aqua knobs, these statement pieces are perfect for eclectic, romantic, cheerful you.

The Liberty Style Statement Vintage Collection puts nature on display with bright, playful feminine details.

View the entire Style Statement Collection here.

Project Ideas  
12/22/2016 10:15:00 AM  

We said in our last blog that there is joy in the details. But why? What makes us gravitate toward the small, beautiful things in life? Do they help us?

Yes, they do.

There is actual brain research proving what you already knew: beautiful things create pleasure. Just like, say, chocolate. Or puppies. Beauty makes us feel good.

That’s why the beautiful details that tie a room together matter: because your home should make you happy. That plain switch plate isn’t doing you any favors, and even SCIENCE says that a prettier one would be better for you! So give yourself permission to fill your life with every lovely thing you can, especially if it’s as affordable and accessible as our hardware.

Here are three small decorative changes that could go a long way toward making you happier:

1. Get some new pillows.  Pick a bright color to liven your spirits, and you’ll be happier every time you walk in your living room.

2. Paint just one wall.  An accent wall can draw the eye toward a color you find soothing, or exciting, or anything else you want to feel.

3. Think about hardware.  You use your light switches dozens of times a day. Why not make a thing you look at so often as nice as it can be? Find a new, beautiful switch plate to accent that accent wall.

Franz Kafka said, “Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.” So keep yourself young. Look for the places around you that could use a beautiful detail or two. If you need help finding them, we’re always here.

Project Ideas  
12/14/2016 12:48:00 PM  

You love this time of year. The wreaths on streetlamps; the beautiful Facebook posts about festivals of light the world over; even the endless holiday music at the mall delights you.

Chances are, you’re a Holiday Hero.

Who are Holiday Heroes? Those of us who are here to make sure our families and guests are filled with the spirit of the season every time they walk in the door. We put greenery on all the banisters and Santa hand towels in all the bathrooms. Little elves peek out from our shelves and strands of white lights grace the gutters. In short: we’re ready.


If you still feel there’s a little something missing in your holiday decor, you’ve got time to add a little cheer before your guests arrive. Your efforts in your home will create the perfect holiday environment for your family and friends, bringing comfort and joy to them during the holidays.

Here are some room-by-room ideas for little details that will make a big difference!

First Create an Inviting Kitchen

Have you been waiting for exactly the right opportunity to update your kitchen? This is it. Brighten up with brand new drawer knobs, bright ones that look both seasonal and classic.

After all: if not now, when?

Then Bedazzle the Bathroom

So let’s get a little bit practical for a minute. The best way to prep your bathroom for holiday guests is to organize it. If those wreath-and-bow towels you just pulled out of the linen closet go anywhere, it shouldn’t be on haphazard hooks: it should be on a neatly organized over-the-door towel rack or a sturdy towel bar with subtle decorative finishes.

And now it’s time for the finishing touch. Anyone can put a candle on the counter. But who else but a Holiday Hero would think of more subtle ways to shape a flame?

Try a beautiful mini-lantern instead of a traditional candle, and make the old new again! Or remind yourself of the reason for the season with a sculptured votive candle holder.

Finally...Deck the Hall

You know all those extra coats that are about to adorn your hallway as you host your friends and family? Where are you planning on putting them? A true Holiday Hero has a place for everyone’s outerwear, and we can help you with that. It’s simple to add a few extra hooks, and it shows your guests you care about the little touches to make them feel welcome. Grab up a pair of these porcelain-tipped ones and think of snowflakes, or try some scrollwork that reminds us of Santa’s nice list!

And while you’re at it, what’s on the hallway table to greet your guests? Everyone’s favorite rustic holiday splurge, of course: wooden reindeer. Top them off with a Santa hat and there you go: holiday whimsy, right around the corner, waiting in your home for everyone to enjoy. Now that’s a Holiday Hero.

As a Holiday Hero, it’s your job to bring the best of this season’s joyous feelings to everyone who enters your door. Get started now, and your outer decor will reflect your inner joy by the time the big day rolls around!

Project Ideas  
12/9/2016 2:16:00 PM  

There is joy in the little things. It’s in the nooks and crannies, the small hideaways, the beautiful moments of life. A smile here, a look there...these little details make life meaningful and rewarding.

We at Liberty are in love with joyful moments. That’s why we strive to make it easy for you to create a big impact through small changes. It can be a huge undertaking to remodel a room. It’s often the little touches that bring your vision to life.

With Liberty, you can make small changes to bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens...anywhere. A set of knobs here, a fixture there, and gradually your house becomes more you. It turns vibrant, like the growing, learning people who call it home.

Whether something happened to inspire a change in your life or you update homes for a living, Liberty can help. So get inspired. Share the beauty of your vision with everyone who fills your life with beautiful moments.

Let Liberty provide clear inspiration and simple execution, and decide that today is the day to make the little things matter.

See why Liberty believes it's the little things that matter most.

Home Hardware  
8/11/2016 1:31:00 PM  
Giving new life to an old piece of wooden furniture is as easy as adding a new coat of paint and new cabinet hardware. 

Here is a project idea, from 
The Home Depot Blog, on how to turn an old piece of furniture like a wooden chest into a gorgeous piece of revitalized furniture. Simply follow the step-by-step tutorial on how you to create this furniture makeover.

Furniture Makeover: New Hardware Transform Old Wooden Chest

Article reposted with persmission from The Home Depot Blog.

Decorative Cabinet Hardware  
8/11/2016 10:48:00 AM  
These easy designer bottle stoppers are a simple DIY project that can be customized to fit virtually any style of decor, and they make great personalized gifts. The secret to this fun craft project is repurposing simple decorative cabinet knobs. Simply follow this step-by-step tutorial on how you can create these designer bottle stoppers.

Article reposted with persmission from The Home Depot Blog.

Decorative Hooks  
7/11/2016 1:56:00 PM  
The fireplace mantel (or a prominent book shelf) is the traditional center of Christmas celebrations at home. It’s where you hang the stockings and display other Christmas decorations.

Here is a great project idea, from The Home Depot Blog, to help brighten your mantle this Christmas season using only a few decorative hooks and an ordinary cedar planter box. Simply follow the step-by-step tutorial on how you can create this Rustic Decorative Stocking Holder.

Decorative Stocking Holder on a Rustic Christmas Mantel

Article reposted with persmission from The Home Depot Blog.

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